Try This TikTok Hack To Sleep Comfortably On Your Next Flight

Everybody sleeps differently on a plane. For some, sleep comes as quickly and effortlessly as it does on the couch at home. If this is you, count your blessings because this is a huge travel advantage. For others, maybe most of us, it's a little tougher to get comfortable. Even if you recline your seat, there really isn't an easy posture to get into that facilitates a quality nap while flying. 

On top of this, there are other factors that can impact sleep on your flight. For one, anxious flyers might have a harder time settling down and feeling relaxed. Thankfully, there are some meditation techniques that can really help with this, so that you can ease into your journey despite anxiety. Or the issue might be a chatty seat mate. If so, there are ways to address a talkative neighbor so that you can get the rest you need on your flight. Once you're able to create a cozy sleeping atmosphere, you can get in position for a decent nap. Thankfully, one TikTok hack offers a useful way to get comfortable in an airplane seat: taking advantage of the movable armrest. 

Take advantage of a movable armrest

TikTok user @christellee_b shared a hack that could make a flight more comfortable. She was in an aisle seat and raised her outer armrest so that it was up near her shoulder. Then she tucked her travel pillow between her seat's back and the tip of the armrest to get a comfortable angle to lean on. 

Some on TikTok were into the idea, taking to the comment section of @christellee_b's video to ask how they didn't think of the hack first. Others approved of this method after trying it themselves, admitting that it's now their go-to move for a comfortable flight. 

However, not everyone was impressed. Commenters also raised the issue that, in an aisle seat, your head might lean too far out, leading the flight attendants to "hit you every time they pass." Others confirmed that there isn't an option to lift the armrest on all airlines and aircraft types.

Other ways to maximize sleep on a plane

If you can utilize your armrest to create a comfortable sleeping nook, do so. On top of this, there are some other useful tricks to make sure that you have a good sleep on your next flight. One tip is to walk around the airport as much as you can before boarding the plane, so that you can expend some excess energy and feel more tired on your flight.

Another key tip is to pack an overnight amenity kit for your flight, especially if you have a long ride ahead of you and want to be prepared for a new timezone. Certified sleep coach Alex Savy told Condé Nast Traveler, "​​The first things I would advise travelers to pack in their amenity kit are earplugs (or noise-canceling headphones) and an eye mask." Savy went on, "It's crucial to limit the stimuli on the plane since they can easily interrupt sleep." 

Seat neighbors might not be in the mood for sleeping, and their screens can prove very distracting. While you can't control the behaviors of others, you can at least mitigate distractions for yourself. So pack as many sleep comforts as you can to make sure that you can rest and sleep. Compression socks or travel slippers are another brilliant idea, so that your feet are comfortable as you try to get some shut-eye.