Make Unpacking After Your Trip Even Easier With This TikTok Hack

You've had an amazing trip. Your phone and camera are filled with the photos that captured your countless memories. Your wallet is a little bit lighter. Maybe you even have a little bit of a tan. The bliss from the vacation is still floating in your mind — that is, until you realize that you need to unpack that bulging suitcase. Your bag is bursting at the seams as it tries to contain all your clothing and souvenirs. You know you will have to take care of it soon.

Some of us waste no time and unpack right after arriving home. For a lot of us though, our bags sit in the corner of the room, sometimes for days or even weeks. Maybe you even open your suitcase, but only to retrieve something you need immediately. Finding the motivation to unpack can be difficult. As you return to your daily routine and responsibilities, the tasks on your plate may seem endless. But don't worry: We have a tip that will make unpacking a breeze — and it starts with having a wardrobe divider.

A surprising tool to make unpacking easier

How you pack determines how you will unpack. If you pack light, unpacking won't be daunting, if you overpack, the task gets harder. Luckily, there's a quick and easy solution to both. Former CBS reporter Lora McLaughlin shared how she keeps her packing and unpacking process quick and easy in a TikTok video.

She starts the video off by standing with a wardrobe divider in her hand. "This closet-favorite can fit a week's worth of clothing all into your carry-on," McLaughlin claims. She goes on to explain that you start by simply choosing which outfits you want to wear for the week. Once you've decided on your outfits, fold them and separate them by day. You're then ready to slip each outfit into the individual spaces of the wardrobe divider — one for each day of the week. Once you do this, you fold it and plop it into your suitcase. It's neat and hassle-free.

Keeping organized

People in the comment section on Lora McLaughlin's TikTok video seemed to be suspicious about space. Lora McLaughlin addressed this issue and explained that there's still room for other items. "The sides are fabric and give, so you have room for a pair of shoes and toiletry bag," she wrote in the comments of her TikTok.

As for unpacking, this hack is a lifesaver. Unpacking becomes a fast task to complete when all you have to do is pull out a wardrobe divider and take out your seven, already folded outfits. If they're clean, you can immediately put them away. If they're dirty, you can easily throw them into the wash. There's no need to procrastinate because you've made it so simple and easy. You'll finish unpacking in minutes with this hack.

Next time you're getting ready for a trip, try this packing strategy and reach for a wardrobe divider. It may just save you a headache when it comes to figuring out what to wear and when you're packing and unpacking.