Live Out Your Ninja Fantasies At This Unique Amusement Park In Japan

There are plenty of reasons travelers fall in love with the country and culture of Japan. From mesmerizing landscapes and flavorful cuisine to the language, traditional clothing, art, and inspiring takes on technology, Japan is packed with appeal for visitors. Those who are enthusiastic about anime and ninja culture alike can trace the root of their interests back to Japan, too.

Adventurers who make their way to the island nation can celebrate their ninja fantasies and anime interests at Nijigen no Mori. This unique theme park is one of more than 100 amusement parks that Japan hosts for locals and visitors alike to enjoy, according to Encyclopedia Japan. When you're looking to turn your anime- and ninja-inspired interests into a reality, this is the place to start.

Situated on Awaji Island within Hyogo Prefecture, Nijigen no Mori and all of its ninja- and anime-focused fun are integrated into the greater Awajishima Park. Many travelers know this area for its connection to Kobe beef, while others associate it specifically with Awaji Island onions. Nijigen no Mori makes it a place that's also popular among those with a passion for ninja culture looking to let their imaginations run free.

An Awajishima Park highlight with ninja flair

Accessing this park in Japan is refreshingly simple for visitors because the entrance links directly to the Honshi Expressway Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. This makes it a popular stop for those who have travel plans throughout Shikoku and Kansai. Upon entering the park, Nijigen no Mori visitors will immediately find themselves immersed in a space where iconic anime characters and ninja culture come to life at every turn. 

This interactive adventure park breathes 3D life into two-dimensional concepts and encourages guests to be part of the action. It's a high-energy and family-friendly stop packed with vibrant décor and ninja-focused activities throughout. For the perfect pairing of ninja and anime fun, begin by making your way to the attraction known as Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-Zato. This is a thrilling adventure where participants put their stealth and strategy skills to the test. Guests are given two scrolls, which are called Ten-no-Maki and Chi-no-Maki. These scrolls lead you through two Boruto ninja school training courses utilizing a 3D maze that spans three stories. The Uzumaki Course is filled with physical obstacles, while the Uchiha Course emphasizes puzzle work. 

There are additional missions to complete and plenty of mysteries to solve as well. Guests are often excited to find this attraction features incredible life-sized models and statues of popular anime characters. It's an attraction that encourages guests to play ninja and grab some great photos along the way.

More activities to enjoy when you visit

Those visiting with younger kids will love that there are many age-suitable activities on-site. A highlight is the outdoor adventure park, which is themed around the popular anime series "Crayon Shin-chan." Additionally, there is a discovery house for visitors under the age of 2 to explore, and a reverse bungee jump to try. Bigger kids who are looking to put their ninja skills to work within a "Dragon Quest"-themed attraction will find the experience within reach too.

There are also opportunities to integrate virtual reality into the theme park experience. Guests are encouraged to download the Hokage wo Mezase app during their visit, which turns every designated Ninjutsu AR spot on-site into a photo that looks like you're using ninjutsu skills. The app can also be used to participate in a QR code hunt and park stamp rally. Take your ninja persona to new heights on the park's zipline course (pictured). Stretching over 531 feet long, this zipline runs right toward a menacing and massive Godzilla statue. It's an activity that certainly demands ninja-level bravery. 

When the ninja-inspired fun has you longing for something tasty, the on-site dining options are always a treat at Nijigen no Mori. Head over to the "Naruto"-themed ramen shop known as Ramen Ichiraku for a stop that's as photo-worthy as it is delicious. Here, you can top off your day with a bowl of mouthwatering Akatsuki Ramen, or Uzumaki Naruto's favorite ramen with seaweed that displays the Shinobi-Zato logo.