Live Out Your 'Bridgerton' Fantasy On A Budget In These British Castles

If you need to get your castle fix (and don't we all after watching "Bridgerton"?) then we've got some great news for you. The chance to stay in a historic castle in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales is actually within your reach, and more affordable than you might expect. Tourists are flocking to the United Kingdom in droves, seeking out authentic locations to experience the regal trappings of old. While we might have imagined that such a stay would have been prohibitively expensive, a night in a legit castle is surprisingly possible, even if you're on a more budget-conscious trip. Sure, it's not as cheap as staying at a hostel, but it's no more than the average hotel. 

What's even more charming about situating yourself in a castle is the chance to tour off-the-beaten paths in England. While London has so much to offer, there are many under-the-radar places in England that are well worth the trip. Since many of these castles are on old family estates, these lavish stays will take you to unexpected places and some even give you access to haunted locations. 

Suit your fancy when it comes to choosing a castle

Hunting for a night in a castle has suddenly become a whole lot easier. Dumbleton Hall, located in the Northern Cotswalds, was built in 1534 and has 38 rooms. Famous guests include Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell, who gave us "North and South." Prices will vary depending on when you choose to stay, but a night here costs roughly £250, or about $320. 

There are other gems like Ballygally Castle in Northern Ireland, which has rooms for £180.00 a night, or $228. The epic 17th-century castle, with views of the Irish Sea, was famously used in HBO's "Game of Thrones." You can also stay at the famous Crescent Hotel and Spa in Bath, England, a hotel that was featured in "Bridgerton," the 2014 film "The Duchess," and the 2007 Jane Austen adaptation of "Persuasion." Rooms here cost about £324, or $412 a night.

Try the 1,000 Years of History Tour

If you want to stay in more than one place, you can also take the 1,000 Years of History Tour. The tour spans seven nights in three different places, offering places of history that together span 1,000 years. Guests typically spend three nights in London at Rubens at the Palace, an iconic hotel that overlooks Buckingham Palace. Next, guests travel to the Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa in Bath, England, for two nights, followed by a two-night stay at Thornbury Castle in Gloucestershire. The tour starts at $1,999 U.S. The last stop, Thornbury Castle, is a very special place, especially for history buffs. King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed at the Tudor castle, so guests can dip into some authentic, English history. 

With so much history in these locations, ghost hunters also come flocking. The Castle at Taunton, which was built in the 12th century, was featured on the TV show "Most Haunted," and guests reportedly hear violins playing. Tulloch Castle in Scotland is also reportedly haunted if you're looking for a spooky getaway.