Avoid Overpacking For Your Next Trip With This Simple Tip

It's time to travel again and it's you and all your stuff versus your suitcase. You swore you'd pack light this time, but that task is starting to feel impossible. After all, how do you discern what you need when there are so many hypotheticals? And how do you decide on which outfits to bring? You don't know how you'll be feeling each day so you naturally want options. And what if you need your sneakers and sandals? You also have that new pair of boots you've been dying to show off, should you bring those? The questions are endless and your packing list is growing; you're finding yourself in the very situation you wanted to avoid.

We get it, packing light is hard especially when you're not used to it. You want to be prepared for every scenario and have a fitting outfit for it. We are here to tell you that it is possible to both be prepared and pack light. "We don't need to take our entire wardrobe with us, nor do we need to take our entire shoe collection," the blogger behind Phila Travel Girl, Suzanne Wolko, told Reader's Digest. "The key is to pack around a color scheme (like a capsule wardrobe) and pack layers for day and night."

Using a capsule wardrobe

Packing with a capsule wardrobe in mind is a great place to start since it maximizes the options you have while minimizing the clothes that you take. For those of you new to the concept, a capsule wardrobe is a carefully selected wardrobe that typically revolves around several interchangeable items. This enables you to make a variety of outfits with the items you have rather than needing to purchase new articles of clothing to complete a look. It's helpful when you're looking to declutter your closet or pack lightly. 

"Streamlining your wardrobe streamlines your life. With a capsule wardrobe, you never feel as though you have 'nothing to wear,'" designer Misha Nonoo told InStyle. "It's assuring to know you only own pieces that can be paired easily and always look chic." Having select items of clothing that pair well together and can create all different types of ensembles will simplify the packing process. It gives you a foundation as well as limits the clothes you can bring.

Do you really need that many shoes?

While you're packing, also consider limiting your shoe choices — you probably don't need as many as you think you do. A good rule of thumb for travel is to only bring three pairs. Pack two pairs that are comfortable and functional, for example, a pair of tennis shoes and a comfy pair of sandals, and then one that is more chic, like heels or loafers.

Additionally, an important tip to keep in mind when it comes to using the capsule wardrobe for your vacation 'fits is to do it early. While packing can often feel like a chore, waiting until the night before adds pressure and stress and runs the risk of making you so frustrated that you end up throwing anything and everything into your suitcase. Taking your time and being intentional about the outfits you create and bring will make the process much smoother and more effective.