The Best Method For Packing Vitamins For Your Next Vacation

Whether setting out for a weekend getaway or a longer respite, there's no denying that leaving home will scramble your normal schedule. Going off the grid for a little bit and having a small reprieve from work and other responsibilities is one of the best aspects of taking a vacation. However, maintaining your daily wellness regimen — including taking any daily vitamins or supplements — can help you stay healthy when you're on-the-go. If the thought of lugging around bulky bottles at the airport stresses you out, don't fret: Packing and traveling with vitamins is more simple than you'd expect.

Temperature, exposure to light, and moisture are all factors that impact the quality of vitamins and supplements. With that in mind, it's important to consider how and where to pack your daily vitamins as you prepare to jet off. Rest assured, a few tips will make properly packing vitamins for your next vacation super easy.

Packing vitamins in a portable case can keep them safe

The best place to pack vitamins is in your carry-on bag, as opposed to checked luggage. Vitamins can be easily crushed or damaged when en route to your destination, especially if you pack them in a soft-shell suitcase that could experience some more wear and tear on the tarmac. In a worst case scenario, your luggage could get stuck in a layover city or lost altogether. 

While bringing your vitamins in their original bottles is ideal to avoid mix-ups, this can quickly lead to your carry-on bag becoming cramped. Buying a portable pill case and labeling each compartment can ensure you bring the correct dosage of each vitamin while also saving space. Generally, portable pill cases are extremely affordable, and there are an array of chic options online if you like to travel in style. Since vitamins are sensitive to moisture and water, opt to buy a pill organizer that is waterproof. 

Once you have your vitamin organizer ready to go, it's a smart idea to still pack vitamins separately from liquids, including any drinks or travel-size beauty products. That way, your vitamins will be safe from any accidental spills, leakage, or condensation that can affect their quality. A good rule of thumb is to pack a couple extra vitamins so you don't miss a dose in the event of a delay or losing a pill.

Properly storing your vitamins when you reach your destination is simple

Once you arrive at your destination, it's time to properly store your vitamins for the duration of your stay. Find a cool, dry place to keep your portable pill case — preferably somewhere in sight so you'll remember to take them before heading out on daily excursions. If you are traveling with any supplements that need refrigerated, like certain probiotics or liquid vitamins, be sure to put them away as soon as possible. What's more, avoid leaving vitamins that are sensitive to heat, such as vitamin C and B vitamins, in areas where they can be exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, leaving vitamins in a hot rental car for an extended period of time will quickly cause them to degrade.

Traveling is both exciting, and admittedly exhausting at times. Between checking into your hotel, sorting through suitcases, and grabbing a bite to eat following a long day of flights, it's totally normal to forget to store your vitamins or to outright skip a day. Don't panic: Missing your daily vitamin is not a health concern, and it is generally not recommended to double-up on doses or take an extra dose the next day.

Ultimately, with a bit of thoughtful packing and planning, bringing vitamins on your next vacation can be a stress-free experience. You can live the jet-setting lifestyle without sacrificing your wellness.