Repurpose This Bathroom Staple To Keep Your Car Organized During Your Next Road Trip

Keeping your car tidy and organized during a road trip is a must — especially when you're hitting the road with other passengers in tow. Not only does it make it easier for you to know where everything is when you need it, but it also makes it less likely that you'll get into an accident due to distracted driving when you're reaching around the back to grab something you need.

But before you hop online to find expensive, specialized car organizers, it might be worth looking around the house for a budget-friendly item that's often overlooked: the suction-cup shower caddy. A college dorm staple that's well-known for sticking to everything except a bathroom wall, shower caddies have the potential to revolutionize your in-car organization.

From using it to store toys and other forms of entertainment to keeping your chargers and snacks organized while you drive, suction-cup shower caddies can easily stick to the car window — and not pop off — for quick access and clutter-free storage.

Using shower caddies for storage

Think back to a road trip you might have had recently — whether as a driver or passenger. Did you ever feel frustrated because you couldn't find where you kept the charger? Were you annoyed at the fact that you'd packed all the good snacks in the trunk? We've all been there.

Shower caddies can help save the day. Designed to stick and stay on smooth surfaces, these handy organizers can provide ample storage space for items that often end up scattered or lost beneath seats. Imagine having one for chargers, another for important paperwork, and even a caddy dedicated to snacks. This not only enhances your overall trip experience but ensures that you spend more time enjoying the journey than rummaging for items.

Plus, for parents, these caddies can be lifesavers. No more searching for that one toy or pacifier — with a shower caddy, your toddler can keep everything they need and want during a road trip at arm's reach. All this, combined with their cost-effective nature, makes them an essential addition for drivers and passengers trying to keep things tidy.

Maximizing your road trip experience

When it comes to planning and enjoying a safe road trip, in-car organization is just one piece of the puzzle. Although shower caddies are a great way to maximize space, keep your car tidy, and ensure safe driving, there are other things you can do to enhance your travel experience and ensure everyone's well-being at the same time.

For one, the American Automobile Association (AAA) suggests that one of the best practices to ensure your safety and that of other road trip travelers is to pre-plan your route. In line with this, they recommend you make designated rest stops every 100-120 miles or roughly every two hours. Not only does this approach keep the driver refreshed and alert, but it also allows for spontaneous detours and bathroom breaks.

In addition to this, staying hydrated is just as important. According to recent studies, being 2-3% dehydrated can reduce concentration by up to 20% — meaning you're slower to react, less vigilant, and more prone to making mistakes on the road. So in addition to your snack stash, make sure you always keep a good supply of water on hand. And speaking of snacks, options like nuts, fruits, and granola bars — albeit less fun — can provide the sustained energy you need for those long drives without the dreaded sugar crash. However, there's no harm in tucking a few chocolate bars or gummy bears inside that caddy for the occasional craving — you are on vacation, after all.