Keep Your Travel Camera Gear Safe With This Unexpected Baby Product

These days, there's a good chance you're the owner of a smartphone equipped with ever-improving camera functionalities. That means that no matter where you roam, you have the option to become a traveling photographer. In fact, the Pew Research Center estimates nearly 97% of Americans now have a cellphone, with 85% of that group being designated as smartphone owners.

The accessibility of cellphone cameras is no longer a question for consumers. However, those with a passion for photography often point to issues of quality when it comes to investing in gear for capturing life on camera. There are mesmerizing photographic moments to be gained when you take time to document your travels using professional photography equipment over a traditional camera phone. Many professional photographers and enthusiasts point out that professional gear selected over a camera phone provides improved options for customization, convenient conversion capabilities, and technological enhancement options for photos too.

If you're the type of traveler that has committed to using a professional camera over a cellphone camera to document your travels, knowing how to venture out safely with your quality gear is of the utmost importance. It's certainly tempting to look into those designer camera gear cases on the market that come with all kinds of premium accessories. As eye-catching as they may be, investing in this type of travel storage could ultimately set you up for failure. As unexpected as it may seem, investing in a simple diaper bag could actually be a far better option.

Fantastic travel bag features for a fraction of the price

Acquiring professional-grade camera gear is a significant investment any way you spin it. Digital camera options for beginners can start at around $1,000. Then there are the top-notch options like the mirrorless Canon EOS R3 currently retailing for nearly $6,000. These prices exclude accessories like tripods, memory cards, straps, monopods, and added supports.

When you're investing thousands of personal dollars into your professional camera gear, the last thing you want is to be worrying about product damage while you're out on the road. This alone pushes many photographers to begin their hunt for just the right camera gear travel bag. Oftentimes, plenty of padding, room for accessories, and an easy-to-carry design top the must-have list of features.

Unfortunately, camera gear travel bags, much like professional cameras themselves, can be pricey. While it's not an alternative that might come to mind right away, a traditional diaper bag possesses all the same qualities as a top-performing camera gear bag. They can also be acquired for a fraction of the price.

Popular camera gear travel bags like the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L retail for nearly $280. On the other hand, options like the Red Rovr Roo Backpack Diaper Bag at Target can be purchased for around $60. Both products showcase comfortable shoulder straps, durable padded interiors, and plenty of extra storage for accessories as needed. It turns out parents and photographers have travel bag wish lists that are perfectly aligned.

A waterproof and non attention-grabbing solution

When you're out exploring the world, one of the greatest threats to a professional camera is the potential for exposure to moisture. When unexpected weather happens during your travels, having a waterproof travel bag is a must. This is yet another advantage of swapping out an expensive gear bag for a traditional diaper bag. While a diaper bag is designed to be waterproof for drastically different reasons, the ultimate goal is the same. This makes it a product that keeps professional camera gear protected from the elements at all times.

Another important reason to consider opting for a diaper bag comes down to pure aesthetics. Expensive professional camera gear bags are easy to identify from a distance. Those with less than pure intentions out on the road will know exactly what to look for when it comes to targeting brand-name products. These bags are targeted for theft because they're guaranteed to be filled with expensive equipment.

What's typically far less appealing to prospective thieves is a diaper bag. This isn't generally the type of bag that captures attention or is on their radar. This means your camera gear is safer from prying eyes overall. Investing in a diaper bag is a simple and cost-effective solution that keeps your camera gear safe, and offers you some well-deserved peace of mind on your photography journey.