The One Beauty Product You Should Always Pack No Matter The Destination

Whether you're headed to a balmy tropical island in the Caribbean or a fancy event in the Alps, you won't want to leave behind this multi-purpose powder. Most commonly found in the furthest corners of your bathroom cabinet, baby powder — also known as talcum powder — is a one-way ticket to solving many of life's greatest annoyances.

Most people associate baby powder with ... well ... babies, but the uses for this magical powder don't end where babies' bottoms begin. Far from it. Baby powder is an amazing way to prevent skin irritation, soak up oils from the roots of your hair to the hem of your skirt, and can even be a remedy for sandy cracks and crevices.

Though you may not remember the last time you used baby powder, trust us when we say this is going to be one product you wish you hadn't forgotten about. On top of being an all-around incredible product, it's inexpensive and can be found in almost any convenience store or pharmacy around the world. If you forget your bottle at home and need to grab some in a pinch, it won't be hard to find.

Your body will thank you for remembering to pack baby powder

Sand is coarse and irritating, and it truly gets everywhere. Even so, a day at the beach is just the kind of relaxing break we sometimes need after a hectic month at work. However, no one wants to take the beach home with them, especially not in between their toes or in their car. To keep your skin and your car sand-free, liberally apply the powder on the sandy areas and rub it in. You'll find the sand just falls right off.

If you left your dry shampoo at home, don't panic — another way you can use baby powder is to soak up excess oils in your hair. Lightly dust the powder onto the roots of your hair and start rubbing it in. The powder will absorb the oils and refresh your hair, making it look freshly washed. If you find you applied too much, keep rubbing it in and try brushing your hair to carry the powder further down your hair.

Of course, there is also baby powder's number one use: preventing skin chaffing. In hot and humid climates, chaffing can be a huge problem. Most commonly, people experience thigh chaffing when wearing shorts or a skirt. So, before you start your day, apply a little baby powder to those areas that seem to get a little raw after a day of walking.

Use baby powder to fix wardrobe woes

There is almost nothing worse than finding a spot of oil on your clothes before your big night out. On top of that, oil stains are hard enough to treat at home, much less while traveling without quick access to a washing machine and a dryer. However, if you have some baby powder on hand, you might just be in luck. Baby powder can soak up grease and oil stains like a champ. Sprinkle on the affected areas and let it sit for about ten minutes. After it's had time to soak up the offending stain, brush off the excess powder with a cloth.

This next baby powder hack is great for those who get a little sweaty during these sweltering summers and want to prevent sweat stains. Turn your shirt inside out and apply a thin layer of baby powder to the most affected areas, like the underarms, collar, or back. Take an iron set to medium heat and press it on the areas you applied baby powder for about three seconds. This will set the baby powder into the clothing and prevent these areas from becoming stained by absorbing your sweat before it has a chance to hit the fabric.