This TikTok Step-By-Step Guide Explains How Best To Get Through Airport Security

We've all been behind that person in the TSA security line — the one who just happens to do everything possible to slow the rest of us down. They zone out when they're supposed to move forward or act surprised when they're told they have to take off their annoyingly complicated shoes. They're prone to walking through the metal detector clad in every piece of metal they own. The list goes on and on. And the people behind them are stuck, enraged or stressed out as they wait to go through airport security.

We say this with no judgment because most of us have been this person at one time or another. Fuzzy-brained and over-stimulated at the start or end of a trip, it can be hard to stay focused and prepared during the security process. It's hard to put your thinking cap on during those moments, so TikTok user @sylviathegnomad did it for everyone in advance. Her TikTok lays out every step you should follow to get through security correctly and efficiently.

Wear the right shoes and keep it moving

Unless you are in the envied TSA-Precheck section of security, you can expect that when you get to the front of the security line, you're going to need to place your shoes and electronics in their own separate bins. You also may be asked to remove your coat and any accessories containing metals. Because of this, sylviagnomad advises travelers to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. The last thing you want to do is fight with your knee-high, lace-up boots while people behind you wait. 

This leads the TikToker to her second piece of instruction: Do not lollygag when space opens up on the conveyer belt. She calls out the person in front of her for doing this exact thing in her video. You want to keep your luggage as close to the next person's. That way, the people behind you can have space to put their stuff on the conveyor belt as soon as possible.

Stay by your things and regroup afterward on a bench

Once your shoes, electronics, and bags are all placed in the correct bins, do not jump straight over to the metal detector line. Per sylviagnomad's advice, you'll want to stay by your things until you see them go under the screening machine. Although there are plenty of security officers around, you do not want to leave something at the TSA security checkpoint. The workers are focused on their jobs, and the commotion in these areas makes them a prime opportunity for theft.

Once you get to the other side of security, it's time to grab your things. If all goes well, your items will have passed through the screening without any problems, and you'll find them waiting for you on the conveyer belt. You're going to have to put your shoes back on and reorganize the items you took out of your bags. So, rather than standing at the belt to do all of this, sylviagnoma stresses that you should take your things to a bench nearby. If you follow this TikTok, you can get through security faster and avoid aggravating your fellow flyers.