The Disney Hack That'll Make Your Mornings That Much Brighter

Vacationers looking for a way to add a little extra magic to their Disney vacations are in luck. It is well known that a Disney vacation is not inexpensive. Families looking to stay on budget for the trip can enhance their experience at Disney's hotels for no extra cost. A freebie in the form of a character wake-up call is available to all guests staying at any of Disney's more than 25 hotels at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While guests cannot choose their character, Three Kids, Three Cats, and a Husband reports that guests have received calls from Mickey Mouse or Stitch. This free character wake-up call only benefits guests staying at a Disney hotel.

In addition to the fun wake-up call, Disney has partnered with Amazon to install Alexa-based Amazon Echo devices in their hotel rooms. Each device is awakened using the phrase "Hey Disney!" and will allow guests to talk to characters, take quizzes, request towels from the front desk, and set that all-important wake-up call.

How to get a character wake-up call

There are two ways to schedule a character wake-up call to your hotel room. Even though many Disney hotel rooms now include the Alexa-based Echo device, these tech-forward tools have not yet been rolled out to every hotel room. Touch the wake-up call button from your room's phone and follow the prompts to set up your call. Also, you can call the front desk directly and ask them to schedule your call.

If you are one of the lucky few with the Disney-themed Echo devices installed in your room, you can use the prompt "Hey Disney!" to set your wake-up call. The "Hey Disney!" voice assistant is also available as a paid-for add-on (currently $5.99 a year) for Echo devices not in Disney hotel rooms. "Our focus is to bring Disney storytelling to our guests wherever they are," said Josh D'Amaro, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, in a press release. "Through Alexa technology, 'Hey, Disney!' will unlock new ways for guests to engage with our iconic characters and stories both at home as well as at our Walt Disney World Resort hotels."

Can you get calls from Disney characters anywhere else?

Getting a wake-up call at a Walt Disney World hotel and taking advantage of the "Hey Disney!" voice assistant for Alexa are not the only unique ways that people can interact with Disney characters. Parents seeking help with potty training can access free "video calls" from popular characters through The pre-recorded videos look like face-to-face video calls but do not require you or your child to be on video. Guests who book a vacation with Disney Cruise Line can also set up a time to receive a character greeting. Like other phone opportunities, this call is also free, and you can choose from a selection of characters to make the welcome call.

In the end, opting for a free wake-up call at a Disney hotel will help families customize their vacations. This free experience is just one of many ways to add a bit of magic to your mornings when you're on a Disney vacation.