The Bathroom Staple That Will Help Keep Your Car Organized During Your Next Road Trip

Gathering family or friends together and enjoying a road trip in good company can be the experience of a lifetime. From the music playlists you'll run through and the endless views, to the unexpected landmark stops along the way, it's a chance to hit the road in the exclusive name of fun and adventure. A recent survey from The Vacationer (via PR Newswire) estimated over 200 million Americans planned to take a road trip last summer. More than 18% planned to cover more than 500 miles of terrain.

The concept of a road trip is terrific. However, when you're behind the wheel and packed up from the floor to the rooftop in a vehicle for so many miles, keeping things organized can feel next to impossible. From the impressive amount of luggage that everyone brings along to the snacks, extra jackets, and accessories, it doesn't take long for your car to come undone.

It's important to look for simple ways to keep your car organized during road trips as a way to make your on-the-road experience more enjoyable and stress-free. Travelers might be surprised to find just how much a traditional tension shower rod can help on this front. It can keep your vehicle organized in no time and if you already have one at home, it doesn't cost anything extra to make a part of your next road trip.

Create strategic packing sections in your car

Even the most spacious vehicle can fill up quickly when you're packing for a road trip. Bulky luggage has a way of taking up more room than expected, especially when multiple passengers are involved in your getaway experience. A tension shower rod can help you maximize space in the trunk by creating strategic packing sections that don't otherwise exist.

Placing a tension rod across the middle of the trunk horizontally can help you separate the trunk space into two distinct storage areas. Put luggage you won't need to get into often in the back section and out of the way. This leaves the front section for those items you might need to get into frequently when you pull over or make a stop during your trip.

Beyond keeping the trunk of your car and the luggage it holds organized, this easy-to-place bathroom staple can help you avoid a super frustrating road trip scenario. If you've ever opened your trunk at a rest stop only to have luggage that's shifted while you drive fall out unexpectedly, you'll find yourself in good company. Consider using the tension rod across the front of the trunk to keep luggage from shifting and avoid having to pick it up off the ground every time you open the door.

Elevate efficiency in your vehicle with ease

A long tension shower rod is great for separating large spaces. Smaller versions can be used to create organizational cubes across your car's trunk too. These can then be filled with plastic bins you might typically use under your bathroom sink. Fill the bins with small items while traveling to keep them from rolling around. Adventurers can even consider keeping a shower curtain attached to a tension shower rod to enhance their road trip organization further. With a shower curtain still attached, you'll not only have separated storage spaces in the car but can flip the curtain over luggage to keep it out of direct sunlight while driving. This is also smart for those trips where you're looking to keep luggage out of the line of view of prying eyes while parked overnight.

Tension shower rods take on double duty for organizational options once you arrive at a hotel or vacation rental for the evening. They can be easily removed from the trunk and used as extra organizational space for hanging up clothing or drying towels in your hotel room closet or bathroom. The next morning, they're just as easy to take down and replace in the trunk before you head out once more.

This simple bathroom staple is easy to pack and has multiple uses. Travelers will inevitably find it makes a road trip more efficient and enjoyable. It's worth putting to work on your organizational behalf during your next adventure.