Why Are Adjoining Hotel Rooms So Hard To Book (And What Can You Do About It)?

Hotels have long been an integral part of the travel experience for many adventurers. In the U.S. alone, Zippia trends and market data show hotels and motels currently make up a nearly $178 billion industry. Across the globe, it's estimated there are no fewer than 187,000 hotels for travelers to choose from.

Such an array of options might lead you to believe that reserving customized hotel rooms is a pretty standard process. That is until you find yourself in a situation where a specialized room configuration would make all the difference in your stay. If you've ever tried to book an adjoining room while traveling, it's fair to say it can be a difficult request to achieve.

One reason it can be so tricky to book an adjoining hotel room is that travelers inadvertently use the wrong lingo in the reservation process. It's important to understand some key differences in room types to make sure you actually get what you're looking for. There is a distinct difference between an adjoining room and an adjacent room that should be emphasized when booking.

Adjoining rooms are individual units connected by a single interior door. Adjacent rooms are close to one another in the hotel layout, and may even be side-by-side, but do not share a connecting door. Travelers requesting "connecting" rooms are likely to get either one of these versions if they don't specify further.

Consider your hotel type and book early

Once you have the hotel room lingo down, understanding the purposes of different types of hotels is just as important when it comes to booking adjoining rooms. Many travelers are unpleasantly surprised to find that many hotels simply don't have options for adjoining rooms at all within the floorplan. While adjacent rooms can typically be booked relatively easily, hotels that do offer adjoining rooms generally only have a limited number available. This makes booking as early as possible highly advisable when you're hoping to enjoy adjoining rooms during your getaway.

Another important aspect to think about when you're trying to book adjoining rooms is the type of hotel you're considering. Adjoining rooms are often convenient options for families and groups of travelers. This means you're much more likely to find an adjoining room option at an all-inclusive resort or big-name brand hotel than you are at a smaller, more customized boutique hotel.

Larger hotels are designed with group travel in mind whereas boutique hotels are designed around more intimate experiences. Adjoining rooms don't necessarily fit seamlessly into that type of customized style standard. When adjoining rooms are a priority, booking at larger hotel chains is recommended. Even within those brands of hotels, newer construction destinations are more likely to have more options when it comes to adjoining room availability.

Extra steps that ensure you book the rooms you want

Travelers who are looking to book adjoining rooms on their next trip will want to include a few extra steps to ensure success in the reservation process. The first is to always include a special note to the hotel staff if you're making an online reservation. This is a quick and easy way to ensure it's understood that you're looking to reserve an adjoining room specifically during your stay and not adjacent rooms.

Once you've booked your adjoining rooms online and left a note, following up with the hotel by phone is also advisable. This isn't overkill, it's simply smart planning when you're looking to lock down a customized room arrangement. When you get a manager at the hotel on the phone, but sure to confirm the reservation was received and the adjoining room request is in place. This is a great way to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve when traveling anywhere.

Booking adjoining hotel rooms isn't always the most convenient type of hotel reservation, but it's certainly not impossible. Understanding the different types of rooms and hotel options out there always helps. Booking early also increases your chances of landing the rooms you're looking forward to enjoying during your stay.