Why A Horseback Tour Is One Of The Best Ways To See Maui

Travelers who feel most refreshed with their toes dug into sandy beaches while spectacular waves roll in can find exactly what they're looking for by booking a trip to Maui. Nicknamed "The Valley Isle," Maui provides its visitors with breathtaking scenery year-round. It's also earned its place as the second-largest Hawaiian island just after the Big Island.

A trip to Maui means visitors can enjoy a variety of activities and attractions suitable for interests of all types. Snorkeling and hiking are often found on itineraries while whale-watching, surfing, and beach hopping are equally accessible. Nearly 165,000 residents call Maui home with a stunning average of around 3 million visitors enjoying time on the island each year.

Maui offers up an array of choices when it comes to sightseeing. Many visitors head here to explore destinations like the Hana Highway or to make the most of time on scenic Makena Beach. Others arrive looking to experience an authentic oceanside luau or tour local pineapple farms.

There are certainly plenty of options for getting around Maui when travelers arrive with a long list of attractions in hand. Visitors will find bike, scooter, and car rentals are all readily available. The Maui Bus also services a variety of island routes. However, those looking for a truly unique take on transportation will find it when they book a horseback tour while visiting Maui. This mode of transportation also offers up some of the best island views available. 

Enjoy a personalized island perspective

The real beauty of booking a horseback tour while visiting Maui is that adventurers can pick and choose from tour options that highlight the customized views they can't wait to experience. Not to mention enjoying time with some amazing and beautiful creatures. Maui's terrain is made up of everything from volcanoes and mountains to waterfalls, stunning shorelines, and lush rainforests as well. Depending on the horseback tour travelers select, there's an opportunity to admire vastly different views.

At Mendes Ranch, oceanfront trail rides are a popular choice. Routes with this ranch typically follow the Waihee Valley to the coastline. This path gives riders a chance to savor the sights of the swelling Pacific Ocean and dramatic surrounding bluffs.

Those who are looking to explore Maui's western mountain slopes can book a horseback tour through Lahaina Stables instead. Tours through these stables typically focus on local history and provide views of sugar cane fields too. Pond-side stops are included on the itinerary and options to book sunset rides are also available.

Travelers who can't wait to set their sights on tropical hillsides, sweeping valleys, and pineapple fields will find it's within reach when they book a horseback tour through Ironwood Ranch. Countryside tours through Napili last about two hours and can be customized according to age and skill level. They also offer private tours for more intimate island riding experiences.

Connect with island culture and history on horseback

Mention Maui and it's easy to envision beaches and swaying palm trees. However, the lovely landscape here is also part of a rich ranching history. Taking a horseback tour is a way travelers can connect with the island's past and present.

The first record of horses arriving in Hawaii dates back to 1803. Horses were presented to King Kamehameha as gifts in this era. It's a gift that would spark a robust ranching lifestyle across the island for centuries to follow.

The ranches where horseback tours are booked across Maui today connect travelers to the island's history as well as thrilling modern views. Both Haleakala Ranch and Ulupalakua Ranch remain an important part of Maui's pioneering ranch culture and date back to 1888 and 1845 respectively. Horseback tours that wind their way through Ulupalakua Ranch provide a way for visitors to soak up the vistas while connecting with island culture across 20,000 acres of open range.

Companies like Triple L Ranch have been serving Maui since 1947. This full-time working cattle ranch and tour destination provides the opportunity to bring the past to life for riders. Tours take place on working ranch lands while incredible landscapes complete with dormant volcanoes are highlighted along the way. 

Travelers searching for an intriguing way to view Maui are sure to enjoy a horseback tour. This activity showcases the island's dynamic terrain alongside its intriguing past. The combination makes for an unforgettable experience with every step.