The Plastic Wrap Trick That Will Keep Your Toiletries From Spilling In Your Luggage

The TSA's 3-1-1 rule is helpful in determining how much toiletries in the form of liquid, cream, paste, gel, and aerosol you can carry on during a flight. However, it fails to mention how you can avoid leaks or spills. We all want a stress-free flight, but sometimes accidents can happen — especially with toiletries. How many times have you opened your luggage to find out it's been ruined by some liquid that exploded? Lotion, toothpaste, and other liquids are notorious for oozing out of their containers during flights. And, they make such a mess of whichever bag they happen to be packed into. It's every passenger's nightmare.

To avoid any mishaps, you've probably tried many hacks, such as buying toiletries at your destination or even trying solid toiletries. While these are good tips, there are times when it just doesn't work for you. Who doesn't want to have their favorite toiletry products on hand once they reach their destination? So, whether you're checking in your toiletries or stashing them in your carry-on, there's a simple way to transport toiletries in the airplane that ensures they remain inside their containers. All you need is plastic wrap.

How to pack spill-free toiletries with plastic wrap

First, if you're traveling with half-used toiletries, make sure there's no air inside the containers, advises The Points Guy. Or, if you're using travel bottles, fill them up as much as possible. It's common knowledge that change in air pressure during a flight is the culprit for leaks and spillage, so you'll want to leave as little air inside the containers as possible.

Next, it's time to get the cling wrap. "If the bottle or container can be opened or isn't sealed, like most toiletries [are], I unscrew the cap, wrap the opening with cling wrap making a seal, and screw the cap back on," details one Quora user. "This cling wrap seal also works even for those with flip top lids."

If your toiletry is in a bottle with a pump or atomizer head, you can use plastic wrap and some masking tape to secure it. Then, for double protection, put your toiletries inside a Ziploc or other clear reusable bag. Although highly unlikely at this point, in the event of leaks and spills, the liquid will be contained within the plastic bag. Your clothes and other items inside your luggage or carry-on are safe.