Kayaker Tyler Bradt Sets Sail Around World

Tyler Bradt likes falling from great heights. As world-record holder for the largest successful drop in a kayak, 186 feet, Bradt has already proved himself to be an adventure sports maniac. The 26-year-old Montanan even broke his back jumping a 90-footer, ferchrissakes, and went on the next year to run some of the most dangerous rapids in the world.

Now he's on a 5-year trek around the world in a 45-foot steel-hulled sailboat called the Wizard's Eye, and is tracking his progress on a web series, Wizard's Eye Expedition.

The first episode, on Vimeo now, begins with a BASE-jumping hors d'oeuvre in Montana. Bradt and two friends take turns plunging from what looks to be a cell phone tower—much taller than 186 feet, I might add—before he roadtrips down to a Mexican boatyard to meet the titular star of his adventure.

If all goes according to plan—and let's hope for his sake and ours that it does—he will sail from Mexico to New Zealand to India to South Africa to the U.S., and then through the Northwest Passage.

Episode 2 airs March 4.