Old Man River Mississippi Adventure, Episode 6

Episode Six takes Brett Roggers and his team from Days 72 through 76. The effects of enduring so much cold and rain has tamped down morale and set the team to soul-searching.

On the flip-side, three weeks of non-stop rain has its own payoff. The river has risen 30 feet in less than a week. With no more locks and dams, the Mississippi is finally free to flow as a mighty river.

New challenges abound, though. The swollen current is dangerously fast. Finding a place to camp is nearly impossible as all low-lying land is flooded. Buoys for navigation quickly become submerged booby traps. First-mate Cliff opens up about being a river rat, and after months of painfully slow progress, the team finally begins to average 50 miles of river a day. Hopes are high that the expedition can get back on track.