Reel Rock Creates TV Series

After dominating the world of outdoor film making, the Emmy-Award winning adventure filmmakers who founded the REEL ROCK film tour are moving into the realm of television. Every week, episodes of the hour-hour series "REEL ROCK Presented by The North Face and GORE-TEX" will air on Outside Television.

Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen of Sender Films and Josh and Brett Lowell of Big Up Productions are the masterminds behind the project. And, if the series is anything like the adventure films, you can expect high-definition footage from the far corners of the earth and engrossing stories about extreme athletes' lives and missions. Featured sports will include base jumping, slack lining, rock climbing and more.

If you're keen to watch, check out the list  below of cities and cable providers that provide access to Outside Television.

New York (Brooklyn and the Bronx–Verizon FiOS); Chicago (Comcast); Dallas-Fort Worth (Comcast); San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Comcast); Boston (Comcast); Atlanta-Savannah (Comcast); Houston (Comcast); Detroit (Comcast); Seattle-Tacoma (Comcast); Tampa-St. Petersburg-Jacksonville (Comcast); Minneapolis-St. Paul (Comcast); Miami-Fort Lauderdale; (Comcast); Denver (Comcast); Cleveland-Akron (Comcast); Orlando-Daytona (Comcast); Indianapolis (Comcast); Salt Lake City (Comcast); Tucson (Comcast); Albuquerque-Santa Fe (Comcast); Hartford-Vermont-New Hampshire (Comcast).

Via Climberism.