Why You Should Consider A Roomette On Your Next Long Train Trip

Planning a trip comes with inevitable questions regarding preferred modes of transportation. As exciting as the destination may be, how a traveler makes the journey is equally important. The type of transportation selected can change the experience drastically.

Typically, travelers in the United States look to planes and vehicles to get them where they're going. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, nearly 3 million passengers fly in and out of U.S. airports daily. The most recent vehicle statistics report by Hedges Company states that there are around 132 million car-owning households in the U.S. and more than 290 million registered vehicles in the country.

While options to fly or drive are readily within reach, those looking to slow down and experience the scenery without having to take the wheel won't want to overlook the fun and nostalgia of train travel. According to Amtrak, the company serves hundreds of destinations across most states and operates 30 routes throughout the U.S. and Canada. Adventurers who know how to travel savvy on a long-distance train trip will find the experience can be as comfortable as it is exciting.

Personalizing the Amtrak experience to fit a particular travel style is always a choice too. There are many options for travelers when it comes to customizing their onboard experience. Passengers who are looking to enjoy the journey and sleep well along the way will find that booking a roomette is a good way to go.

Settle in for a comfortable journey

There are many reasons travelers might prefer a long-distance train trip over flying or driving. Train travel typically means a simple departure process. There's no need to show up hours early or get on the road specifically to avoid traffic.

Train passengers have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view too. According to Travel Market Report, the chance of delays due to weather is less on trains compared to air travel. Additionally, guests never have to worry about filling a car up with gas as prices fluctuate.

While the advantages are clear, there are choices to make when it comes to onboard accommodations. Coach, business, and first-class seating options are all available according to Amtrak. Wheelchair-accessible seating options exist too.

For long-distance adventurers looking for privacy and a place to stretch out and rest at night, a roomette is the best option for maximizing comprehensive space and convenient features. A roomette is the most budget-friendly option in first class compared to other onboard private rooms, according to Amtrak. A roomette also comes with a landscape view, privacy for those who prefer solo travel, and plenty of space for two adult passengers to travel in tandem.

What to expect in a roomette

Roomettes may vary aesthetically on different trains. However, the basic amenities included and overall value remain consistent. Whether it's a ride on the California Zephyr to see Yellowstone National Park or a journey to the Grand Canyon on the Southwest Chief, a roomette provides features and affordability that can make a big difference in the experience.

A description of a roomette on Amtrak's website states passengers will find two daytime seats that transform into upper and lower beds. Roomettes include access to a bathroom and shower as well as storage space for two suitcases. The description of a roomette continues to list the maximum room length as 6 feet, 8 inches, and the maximum room width as 3 feet, 6 inches. Added services guests can enjoy include a first-class attendant as well as complimentary lounge access. Priority boarding is built into a roomette reservation and guests can always make their way to the observation car or dining car if they don't want to eat complimentary meals in their roomette.

Overall, roomettes provide Amtrak passengers with a great choice in terms of accommodations designed for a long-distance journey. Amenities are cleverly arranged for privacy and convenience, taking comfort and sleep options a step above traditional seating selections. It's a choice travelers will want to take advantage of the next time they hop aboard an Amtrak train.