Gear Review: The DoubleBack 26 By Eagle Creek

Navigating airports and foreign cities is tough enough without cumbersome luggage. The wrong bag can quickly become a major nuisance, so what should you choose—a rolling suitcase for convenience or a backpack for when you run into rough terrain? What if you didn't have to decide?

The thick and durable DoubleBack is a hybrid suitcase, combining two major luggage configurations—the rolling suitcase and the backpack. The bag features wheels and a pop-up handle in addition to backpack straps and a hip belt. When using the bag as a rolling suitcase, the shoulder straps and hip belt can be tucked away in a rear compartment and when using the bag as a backpack, the top handle shrinks down into the bag and is covered in a zippered compartment.

Another great feature on this bag is the removable front backpack. The small pack attaches to the front of the main suitcase via four buckles and when you've arrived at your destination, you can use the detachable shoulder straps from the larger bag to convert the small front bag into a day pack. The front part is also great for extra storage during travel. During testing, we discovered that storing toiletries and a change of clothes in the front bag will help you avoid having to dig through your entire bag during brief layovers.

The bag weighs seven pounds when empty, is made with three different durable fabrics and is reinforced with Bi-Tech in areas prone to scuffs and scratches. The zippers are outfitted with "finger friendly" pulls and there are extra handles on the top and side of the bag for ease during travel. For the trips where you'll be hiking, the day pack is compatible with most hydration systems.

This tough travel bag held up well during testing and it was easy to clean afterward. The bag packs like traditional luggage, zipping open to reveal a sturdy main compartment, which is great for travelers who need to access all their belongings quickly. Interior straps help secure items and the heavy duty zippers close easily. The detachable front pack was the perfect size for day trips and the backpack straps were easy to attach. Overall, the DoubleBack is a heavy duty suitcase for the traveler who tackles all types of terrain

The DoubleBack comes in three color options, black, slate blue and cactus green and it sells for $330 on the Eagle Creek website.