Night Skiing Just Got A Whole Lot Brighter

Ski season has officially begun, and everyone is getting ready to hit the slopes in style. But a cool-designed ski jacket can't compare to a head to toe custom LED ski suit. Pair the glowing suit with a beautiful night run down an untouched Alaskan mountain, and cinematic magic is bound to occur.

The three-minute film, Afterglow, is from the combined efforts of Sweetgrass Productions, Swedish ad agency Ahlstrand Wållgren and Philips TV. It is absolutely stunning, as you follow two skiers glowing down a gorgeous landscape. They both glow different colors and the light bounces off the white snow resulting in surreal effects. Paired with the calming music and incredible cinematography, this short film is a must-watch.

The run itself is very impressive, and enjoyable for any ski fan, but what makes this movie incredible is that it is a piece of art in itself. The colors that the glowing suits create, the way snow flies from their skis and catches the light is absolutely extraordinary. This dreamlike quality of this gorgeous video is sure to lighten up your day or night.