Brave The CN Tower's Thrilling EdgeWalk For Incredible Views Of Toronto's Skyline

If delightfully diverse attractions, exciting entertainment venues, and inspiring views sound appealing, a trip to Toronto is always a good choice. Welcoming over 27.5 million visitors annually according to the City of Toronto's tourism review, Toronto also holds the title of Canada's largest city per Canada Population. Whether visitors are motivated by museums and galleries, fun festivals, or beautiful natural landmarks, they're sure to find something in Toronto that keeps them coming back for more.

Filling up an itinerary when Toronto is the final destination isn't difficult. The city is home to iconic stops such as the Toronto Botanical Garden, High Park, Royal Ontario Museum, and Harbourfront Centre, just to name a few. While all of these destinations are well worth exploring, it's impossible not to notice the landmark towering above the rest known as the CN Tower.

The CN Tower's website states that the structure rises no less than 1,815.5 feet into the air and hosts 11 elevators to transport guests to various internal platforms. 1,776 steps must be traversed to walk up the tower which was fully completed in 1976. While the dimensions are certainly designed to impress all visitors, the CN Tower hosts an attraction specifically designed for thrill-seekers. If it's adrenaline-pumping fun tower guests are seeking and an authentic bird's-eye view too, then EdgeWalk is an experience that shouldn't be missed.

Toronto's top views enjoyed in thrill-seeker style

Toronto's skyline can be observed from a thrilling vantage point by those brave enough to try the CN Tower's EdgeWalk. According to the EdgeWalk description on the tower's website, this experience gives participants an open-air platform to explore that rests 1,168 feet above the ground. Making the moment even more heart-pounding is the fact that EdgeWalk is a hands-free attraction where guests are attached to the structure by harnesses that allow them to roam the platform at their own pace.

Circling the city from 116 stories in the air is not an activity that's designed for the faint of heart. It is, however, an experience that's sure to be memorable. Those who take part can enjoy knowing they've traversed the highest external walk on a building as deemed by Guinness World Records in 2011. It's a record that still proudly stands today.

While the EdgeWalk experience is a perfect fit for thrill-seekers who find themselves in Toronto looking for something unique to try, it's also an ultimate date option choice for couples, according to an article by Toronto Life. The EdgeWalk website points out that the experience can be booked for graduation parties, reunions, celebrations, and team-building opportunities as well.

What to expect during an amazing sky-high adventure

The CN Tower EdgeWalk website designates the tower's ground level as a base camp for this one-of-a-kind experience. Those who have booked a walk first meet their guide for an orientation before receiving a jumpsuit and harness and heading to the tower's main observation level. Here, harnesses are securely hooked onto the rail overhead and the adventure sets off from the tower's south side.

The entire walk is described as lasting approximately 90 minutes with 30 minutes on the EdgeWalk. This section is where participants can take the opportunity to brave the edge of the platform solo or as a group. Guides are more than happy to take stunning photos for guests with all of Toronto, Lake Ontario, and even Niagara Falls on a clear day as the gorgeous background.

Participants can choose to do a toes-off platform experience during their walk, a heels-off experience, or a full-body lean over the city from the platform. At the end of the walk, guests will get to go home with a few well-deserved souvenirs to commemorate their brave adventure. The website indicates these include a video of the walk, two printed photographs, a certificate of achievement, and a ticket to visit the rest of the tower's attractions. Ultimately, a passion for breathtaking vistas is easily satisfied at EdgeWalk. A CN Tower visit with this attraction included takes travelers to new heights in Toronto. Adventurers will surely thrill with every step.