Ocean Edge Is The Perfect Cape Cod Resort For The Oyster Connoisseur In Your Life

Oysters have been a Cape Cod favorite for centuries. These incredible shellfish have been harvested from Cape Cod waters long before Europeans arrived, by the Nauset tribe (per The New York Times). This makes Cape Cod one of the oldest oyster-farming regions in America. But it's not just the oldest — here you can find some of the finest oyster farms in the country. Besides being delicious, they are also said to be an aphrodisiac — although we wouldn't recommend eating too many before your next date night!

There's really no better place than Cape Cod to dive into your oyster obsession and oyster farmers have really caught on to this rising trend. You can now find many that share the wonders of oysters and oyster farming with curious visitors. This even includes local resorts like the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, which offers incredible tours of their amazing oyster farming operation.

Take an oyster bed tour

The Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is Cape Cod's premier destination for leisure, luxury, and relaxation. But if you're looking for a really unique experience — and you're an oyster lover — you need to book their Oyster Bed Tour. This tour offers visitors a firsthand look into the exciting world of Cape Cod oyster farming. Whether you're a seasoned shellfish lover or just a curious beginner, you're sure to find the experience educational and fascinating.

In a review of the Ocean Edge Resort for Islands, Kathryn Streeter writes that the experience was truly unforgettable. This was thanks to their guide, Bud, who provided tons of great information. If you take this tour, you will learn all about the life cycle of the oyster and fun facts that enhance the experience as you wade through knee-high water and weave through the beds of yummy oysters.

Other things to do in Cape Cod

While oysters are a main attraction for food lovers in Cape Cod, there is so much more to this beautiful area of Massachusetts. Keep in mind, while you can get oysters any time of year, if you're headed to Cape Cod for fresh local oysters you'll want to be sure it's during a month that has an 'R' (per Spruce Eats), though this does mean you're in for chillier weather. While this does mean you may not want to brave the beach, there are still plenty of things to see and do since there is truly no bad time to visit Cape Cod.

First, consider heading to Nickerson State Park and enjoying some of the most scenic views in Cape Cod. Here you'll find yourself on 1,900 acres of wooded parklands with plenty of campgrounds to choose from and lots of ponds and trails to explore. You and your family can find a little of everything to do including fishing, hiking, and biking.

You can also explore the numerous museums and gardens in the area including the Heritage Museum and Gardens, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, and the Atwood Museum. All offer visitors fabulous insight into the history of Cape Cod. However, a trip to Cape Cod wouldn't be complete without exploring a few of the many beautiful lighthouses that dot the coastline. Brewster By The Sea lists numerous top lighthouses to explore on your next trip to Cape Cod.