The Best Way For Laid-Back Travelers To See Istanbul On Their Own Schedule

Editor's note: Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, please be sure to check with the tour provider before booking, as service may be affected.

No matter what destination a traveler has their eyes set on, they inevitably bring their unique travel style along for the adventure. Some travelers prefer a fast and strict schedule. Others choose to pack light, board a plane, and leave heavy planning out of the experience entirely.

Then there are those who prefer a plan but don't want to rush through their itinerary. They long to savor organized experiences at their own, laid-back pace. If this type of travel fits your style and you happen to be heading to Istanbul, Turkey on your next getaway, booking a Big Bus Istanbul tour might just be the ticket.

Home to just under 18 million residents according to World Population Review, Istanbul is a bustling and vibrant city that welcomes approximately 14 million tourists each year as reported by World Data. Occupying a unique space between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is known for its rich history, savory cuisine, and intriguing blend of eastern and western influences. Mosques, churches, and world-renowned palaces alike define Istanbul's cityscape, giving travelers a rich array of destinations to enjoy.

Travelers who choose to take a Big Bus Istanbul tour will find this sightseeing route offers several advantages. Not only does the tour put major landmarks within reach, but it's designed to leave stress out of the experience. If you're an adventurer who likes to focus on the moment more than the logistics, a Big Bus Istanbul tour is designed just for you.

Make more of an Istanbul sightseeing experience

Enhancing the sightseeing experience in Istanbul means maximizing time. This is especially important for travelers who are on a limited schedule. Booking a Big Bus Istanbul tour can help travelers reach the places they're excited to see without taking wrong turns, getting lost, or wasting precious time.

According to a report by the Hürriyet Daily News, Istanbul ranks second in all of Europe when it comes to traffic density. This means tourists could spend significantly more time figuring out directions than enjoying the city's landmarks. Booking a Big Bus Istanbul tour gives travelers options to enjoy a variety of customized routes that already include the city's top destinations.

Big Bus Istanbul tours also provide hop-on, hop-off options. Passengers feeling energetic can enjoy time at all of the landmarks listed on the route. The choice to ride the entire loop as its own sightseeing experience is available as well. Customized ticket options make these tours especially appealing to travelers looking to see the city on their own schedule. According to the Big Bus Istanbul website, guests can book flexible one, two, or three-day sightseeing tickets.

Top tour landmarks to enjoy

Istanbul is a city packed with inspiring places to explore thanks to its rich and complex history. According to Introducing Istanbul, the city has been under the control of no less than three distinct empires through the centuries. These have included the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire.

The result of so many empirical transitions is a city that inevitably works as a living testament to a variety of architectural styles, religions, and meaningful landmarks. Istanbul's Culture and Tourism Directorate indicates the city's historic districts were identified as UNESCO world heritage sites in 1985. For travelers with a heart for history, this unique mix of period styles can make sightseeing thrilling.

Those visitors that take a Big Bus Istanbul tour during a city stay will enjoy being able to see many of these top landmarks in one comprehensive loop. Exciting destinations like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Galata Bridge, Grand Bazaar, and Taksim Square are found on nearly all of the Big Bus Istanbul routes. Places like the Pammakaristos Church and Museum can be enjoyed along a bus route as well as the New Mosque and The Golden Horn, just to name a few of many.

Whatever route travelers select, they're sure to encounter inspiring city stops throughout Istanbul in a laid-back style. Letting go of any sightseeing stress is simple when visitors can pick and choose their destinations, travel routes, and pace. A Big Bus Istanbul tour checks every box on that list.