The Best Time To Visit New Zealand If You Love Winter Sports

New Zealand is a land of wonder, magic, and adventure. Every twist and turn leads you to another epic spot, filled with jaw-dropping vistas, mountainscapes, lakes, rivers, and almost everything in between. While the cities are definitely something to behold, it's the great outdoors that takes people's breath away, leaving them hungry for more. Your eyes can't seem to take in enough, and your soul will forever be a part of the rugged landscape that seems to sprawl on for miles. You can't go wrong visiting New Zealand any time of the year, but if you love winter sports, there are definitely better months to book a ticket to the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Spread out between two islands, the North and South Islands, this wild and fascinating country varies drastically in climate and terrain depending on which end you visit. The North Island is known for being subtropical, full of dazzling coastlines and bustling metropolises like Auckland. The South Island is a premier destination for people who want to live and breathe the mountains, hills, fields, waterways, and even sounds which have made it so famous. Winter sports are a big part of the country's allure, and if you're wanting to indulge, these are the best months to go check it out.

Visit from June to August

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you're used to summer taking place sometime from June through August, give or take some regions. In New Zealand, these months are when winter begins to creep over the land, turning it into a wonderland filled with snowy peaks and epic skiing and snowboarding runs.

Both islands offer visitors the chance to partake, but the South Island is definitely more well-known for its winter sports. In order to take advantage of the slopes during peak season, it's ideal to book between June and August.

This is full-blown winter there, and promises to pack days full of fresh powder and long runs down the mountains. During these months, the ski areas are filled with locals and tourists who want to catch the incredible views before whisking through the snow that piles up throughout the winter storms.

One of the best areas to ski or snowboard is Queenstown, nestled in the Southern Alps (on the South Island). This area is known for its unbelievable scenery, as well as its outdoor sports and excursions.

There are four different ski areas near Queenstown, and they can be reached in under 90 minutes. According to Queenstown New Zealand's website, each one boasts different terrain, so all levels can enjoy their time on the slopes.

There's plenty of adventures awaiting...

You don't have to be an avid skier or boarder to enjoy the winter in New Zealand. While there are definitely perks with visiting during their spring and summer months, booking during the cold season means you can partake in activities you never even dreamed of before.

You can explore iconic landscapes like Franz Josef Glacier, which allows you to trek through blue ice caves that only seemed real to the imagination, or visit Milford Sound on the South Island. If you book a flying tour to the sound, you'll soar over snow-capped mountains to get there. You may then take a boat and see Jurassic-looking hills that belong on the set of a dinosaur-era film.

The least expensive times to book flights to New Zealand vary, but you can usually find better deals in February and May. If you are hoping to catch the snow season, check for tickets in the beginning of June or August, both of which have been known to experience a dip in airline prices. No matter what time of year you visit, you'll never want to leave, but the winter in this land of wonder is truly spectacular and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.