Huacachina Is The Best Place In Peru To Watch The Beautiful Sunset

Travelers who are pursuing destinations known for their unique landscapes, rich history, and culture, as well as a plethora of fascinating natural landmarks, will find plenty of reasons to visit Peru. According to Statista, Peru is home to just under 33.5 million people. In 2019 the country welcomed 5.28 million visitors as reported by WorldData. Among the many cities to visit in Peru, Lima found its way to the top of the list as the most popular destination for international travelers.

Peru is located on the scenic western side of South America and according to Peru Tourism, the country hosts no less than 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders. Places like Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Ballestas Islands are just a few of the many stops that tend to be extremely popular among tourists. Whether you're someone who can't wait to cruise the Amazon River, hike to the peaks of Rainbow Mountain, or surf in the city of Chicama, you'll find it's all available to be enjoyed here.

It's also a country where sunsets have a way of leaving a lasting impression. Those looking for a memorable sunset moment will find Peru is home to one of the best places to savor such a sight. Breathtaking sunset colors await those who know exactly where to look.

Head to the desert oasis of Huacachina

One of the most idyllic places in all of Peru to watch a stunning sunset is Huacachina. This authentic desert oasis, fed by underground aquifers, is situated just five hours from the city of Lima by bus. According to Huacachina Info, it's the only oasis of its kind in all of South America. Located within the heart of the Ica desert, Huacachina also hosts the continent's most massive sand dunes. These dunes rise several hundred feet on either side of the main lagoon according to Earth Observatory. This topography makes Huacachina an exciting place for visitors to enjoy everything from sandboarding to dune buggy tours alike.

The unique oasis is also home to a variety of restaurants and shops for guests to explore during their visit. Visitors can spend time on the lagoon water by renting a row boat or paddle boat from a local vendor. However, when evening rolls around, the sunset takes center stage in Huacachina for locals and visitors alike.

Enjoy dune seating for a spectacular sunset

Making the most of the sunset colors happens from a place directly on the dunes, according to Huacachina Info. Fortunately, visitors rarely have to worry about missing the evening spectacle they've come to enjoy due to the weather. Trends tracked by Climate Data show an average rainfall total of no more than 4.1 inches annually in this area. Sunshine also dominates the forecast nearly every day of the year in Huacachina.

This one-of-a-kind oasis enjoys a place within an arid desert climate. The placement and environment lend themselves to more vibrant sunset views too. According to Atlas Obscura, desert environments with drier air and less water vapor overall make it easier for color wavelengths to pass through the atmosphere. For sunset seekers in Huacachina, the result is a rainbow of vibrant hues streaking across the sky each evening.

Some Huacachina visitors choose to book a buggy tour that includes sunset viewing on the itinerary. However, those who want to customize their experience to their own pace can opt to hike the dunes themselves for prime seating. Sweeping views on all sides make the pre-sunset observation time equally scenic.

Peru is a country brimming over with natural beauty. Those with a passion for sunset moments won't want to miss out on adding Huacachina to the itinerary while they're here. Whether you're staying for a day or planning an extended journey, the evening hours are truly picturesque.