This Washington Town Is The Ideal Destination For Winter Coastal Adventures

A most unexpected winter wonderland of sorts, Seabrook, Washington is a storm watcher's paradise and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Located on the Washington coast, Seabrook is the perfect spot to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and indulge in thrilling winter sports and activities. Storm watching is a must-do here, as the dramatic waves and crashing surf provide an intense and thrilling experience. Surfing and fishing are also popular activities, with plenty of options to suit all levels of experience, according to Men's Journal.

Not into braving the icy seas for a thrill? Enjoy a peaceful walk along the Seabrook boardwalk, try the great restaurants and cafes, or explore the unique shops. You can also take a nature hike or bike ride in the nearby forests. There are also plenty of fun events and festivals throughout the year that you can attend. Seabrook is also a great place to explore with your family. The tidal areas along the coastline have many amazing learning experiences for the kiddos.

Take to the seas this winter in Seabrook, Washington

Winter in Seabrook, Washington offers a huge variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. According to the Seabrook website, cold-weather surfing is becoming more popular along the Washington coastline. Surfers and paddle boarders should head out with their wetsuits early in the morning to catch the best waves. Head to Buck's Northwest for surf rentals, surf lessons, and guided tours.

If you're looking for other activities in Seabrook that will allow you to enjoy all the beautiful nature this beach town has to offer, you'll still want to consider heading to the coastline. This is because the incredible swells and king tides provide visitors unparalleled opportunities for beachcombing and clam-digging. According to the Seabrook website, beachcombing can be done year-round but is best done during the cold winter months since the storms can wash ashore tons of beautiful treasures from the ocean. Visitors can also explore Seabrook's beaches for a very different kind of treasure: razor clams.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife writes that the Pacific razor clam is one of the most popular shellfish in Washington state. Anyone can take part in razor clam-digging so long as they have a clam license, a shovel, a specialized tube, and a container to keep the razor clams after being collected. Not sure what to do with clams? Buck's Northwest has a guide on how to clean and cook them.

Other outdoor activities to enjoy in Seabrook

The winter activities in Seabrook don't just start and end at the coast. If you love nature but are content to stay (mostly) dry, you will find plenty to do in this cozy seaside town.

One of the activities most unique to this part of the country is storm watching. According to the Seabrook website, during the winter months, storms roll in from the ocean and can be seen from miles away. The crashing waves, powerful winds, and lightning flashes can make for an awe-inspiring sight. To get the experience of storm watching, you don't even need to go far. You can watch through the window from the comfort of your own accommodation. For the more adventurous, you can also head down to the beach, but be sure to bring a waterproof raincoat and rain boots. Seabrook writes that storm watchers can head to the Pacific Glen promenade or West Hill Park to get the best views of the incoming squall.

Seabrook also has plenty of incredible hiking trails for you to enjoy. Two trails you should consider are the Elk Creek trail, which takes you to the beach, and the Gnome trail, which features adorable little handmade houses! There's seriously something for everyone in Seabrook to enjoy this winter.