Why You Should Consider Staying At A Bed And Breakfast On Your Next Trip

An upcoming trip on the calendar is always exciting. Whether you travel often or only once in a while, where you stay once you arrive can make a big difference in the overall experience. While options to book a traditional hotel, motel, or Airbnb are readily available these days, it's entirely possible to enjoy something different when it comes to accommodations. Those looking for an experience with personalized charm might just find a bed and breakfast to be a more intriguing option.

According to the Association of Lodging Professionals (ALP), the United States alone is home to approximately 17,000 inns which are categorized as part of the bed and breakfast industry. Of those inns, 29% are considered to be located in rural areas while 23% are situated in urban settings. An impressive 43% of these bed and breakfast locations consider themselves to be located in village destinations while 5% are suburban.

For travelers looking to customize their accommodations, this means there are plenty of options out there. Booking a bed and breakfast makes it easy to diversify a stay whether the destination is a city center or off-the-beaten path. Beyond the destination, however, a bed and breakfast offers up a variety of other benefits that might just make your next trip unforgettable.

Personalize your stay wherever you might roam

Hotels serve a vast number of guests across the globe year-round. According to Hotel Tech Report, there may be as many as 187,000 hotels worldwide. This requires a business model that's relatively standardized to succeed. Alternatively, a bed and breakfast is designed to provide a different experience for each guest. This makes it alluring to travelers looking for a more personalized getaway.

According to ALP, the average bed and breakfast in the United States hosts 6 bedrooms, and 79% of owners live on the premises. This means the commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests isn't exclusively about business, but an integral part of a local lifestyle. As a result, guests can count on privacy and high attention to guest preference no matter when they arrive.

When you book a bed and breakfast, you won't have to worry about finding accommodations that serve up savory meals in the morning. Breakfast is right in the name and is generally included in the cost of a stay. Enjoying time at a bed and breakfast is a good opportunity to socialize with other guests looking for similarly unique local experiences too.

Travelers who aren't necessarily looking for guided tours, but prefer local insight will likely love a bed and breakfast experience. Many bed and breakfast owners design an itinerary of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. They can also offer insightful recommendations on local attractions and events that might otherwise be missed.

Accommodations that let travelers give back

When a unique experience is what you crave, a bed and breakfast might be the solution. Travel is a chance to learn more about new places, and a bed and breakfast offers up local insight with every booking. Whether your bed and breakfast selection is a home, lodge, cottage, cabin, or castle, each has its particular character, history, and charm.

Those who book a bed and breakfast will also find it's a wonderful way to give back to the communities they've come to explore. This is achieved through the support of bed and breakfast owners who are investing in a business that often allows them to maintain a historical site. ALP reports 36% of inns in the United States have received a historical designation on either a national, state or local level. As a result, booking a stay boosts a small business in the area and supports local heritage too.

The same goes for those who are planning to book a bed and breakfast in Europe. Here, castles are frequently transformed into bed and breakfasts. This helps maintain historical integrity while giving owners options to keep castles within the family.

The team at Manor Castles has compiled a listing of castles and historic homes alike that function as bed and breakfasts across the European continent. While each is unique, a traveler's contribution to history and the local economy can be counted on when they reserve their place. That's something everyone can feel good about.