Here's Why The Galápagos Islands Are The Perfect Destination For Solo Travelers

The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago with four main islands located off the coast of Ecuador in South America. The Galápagos Islands are a UNESCO world heritage site and, according to Metropolitan Touring, is one of the most highly regulated conservation sites in the world. Well-known for its biodiversity, most travelers come to the Galápagos to explore both the land and sea by cruise ship or on small chartered boats to catch a glimpse of the amazing creatures found across the archipelago. While this might seem like a great place to take a trip with a partner or group of friends, don't worry. The Galápagos Islands are actually a fantastic destination for solo travelers, too.

The Galápagos Islands are home to a collection of some of the world's most unique wildlife including the Galápagos Turtle, the Galápagos Marine Iguana, and even Whale Sharks. There are so many things to do during your visit and the islands are also one of the safest travel destinations in the world. So don't make the mistake of staying home because you don't have a travel buddy. This is one destination you cannot miss and you may even be glad you went on your own!

Best activities in the Galápagos Islands for solo travelers

Each of the Galápagos Islands is unique and can cater to any type of adventure that travelers to the archipelago might be seeking. Luckily for solo travelers, you basically have your pick of the islands and most tours available are solo traveler friendly. However, keep an eye out, some companies charge extra if you are on your own!

If you're looking for a solo travel-friendly tour, check out Culture Trip's small group tour of the Galápagos. It's a five-day and four-night glamping adventure that takes you around the islands and includes kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and even offers the opportunity to swim with sea lions. The best part is that you will be with other travelers who may also be solo or in small groups.

Want to be a part of the conservation efforts in the Galápagos and meet some like-minded people? Go Overseas is a company that lists thousands of programs all over the world for those who want to study, teach, take a gap year, or volunteer abroad. Go Overseas offers a number of programs in the Galápagos that would be great for solo travelers looking to meet other people also interested in eco-tourism.

Best hostels in the Galápagos Islands for solo travelers

When not on a boat cruise or walking around looking for iguanas, you're going to need a place to rest and do a little socializing, too. Luckily, there are several hostels available in the Galápagos that are especially great for solo travelers.

The Broke Backpacker suggests the Galápagos Best Hostel located on Isla Santa Cruz is a great option for solo travelers. This youth hostel offers both dorms and private rooms and has the added bonus of friendly and welcoming staff ready to provide recommendations for your trip to the Galápagos. On the same island, The Broke Backpacker also suggests solo travelers try Hostal Vista al Mar which gets two thumbs up for its proximity to great local restaurants and nicer amenities. If you're staying on Isla Isabela, the South America Backpacker writes that the Hostal Insular is a favorite among travelers and in a great location for getting right to exploring the island.

No matter where you are in the world though, when traveling solo you should always be aware of your surroundings and make sure you're taking the appropriate safety precautions, like bringing a lock. However, solo traveling can be an incredible, mind-opening experience. If you're an adventurous soul, you will not regret making the Galápagos Islands your first solo travel experience.