The Malibu Beach Fans Of The Notebook Should Not Miss

If you've ever driven the length of the Pacific Coast Highway — from San Diego to the Oregon border and vice versa — or even driven part of it, you're bound to have been mesmerized by the diverse and stunning landscape along the way. Captivating views of the vast, blue Pacific Ocean give way to the most spectacular beaches along the west coast that can easily be compared to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe: Every curve of its highway looks like something out of a movie. And, you're not mistaken if that thought's popped into your head, because according to IMDb — as of 2022 — the PCH has been used as a filming location for more than 500 movies because of its breathtaking scenery and dramatic coastline.

However, there is one beach in Malibu, California that we would like to draw your attention to because if you've ever watched "The Notebook," this beach will most certainly transport you to memories of that film.

El toro. No, El Matador: State Beach that is

Boasting seasonal temperatures and weather equivalent to the Mediterranean — as reported by Forbes — Malibu, California is well-known for its alluring beaches, with El Matador State Beach being the most impressive within the Malibu area.

From its imposing sea stacks along the shoreline, jagged cliffs of natural stone that plunge into the sand below, mysterious, hidden caves, and grander-than-life stone arches within odd-shaped, massive rock formations: El Matador State Beach provides unparalleled, natural beauty, and incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. And, did we mention the sunsets? Whether you're standing, sitting, gazing from the top of one of its steep cliffs, or walking along its coastline, make sure to stay for the dramatic sunsets this beach affords. You won't be disappointed.

And, while its landscape might look straight from a scene in the series, "Game of Thrones," El Matador State Beach was actually used as a filming location for the heart-stopping beach scene from the romantic movie, "The Notebook," as well as a host of other famous films.

How to get to El Matador State Beach

Making your way from Northern or Southern California on the PCH, El Matador State Beach is approximately 10 miles northeast of Malibu. Parking, opening times, and pertinent information can be found on the California State Parks website for El Matador, and Malibu's two additional beaches that form the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach as a whole.

There is a small parking area above the beach located on the Pacific Coast Highway where you can park for a low fee, however, it is limited in its spaces. So, if you're planning a trip to this area during peak seasons, get there early, or you may have to park just off the highway and walk a bit further to get there. Once you're parked, follow the first of two dirt trails, each leading you to a set of stairs that will take you down to the beach area, as suggested by Southern California Beaches. Bear in mind that if it's high tide, your feet will be met with the Pacific Ocean as you approach the end of the staircase. So pack a picnic basket, grab your towels and beach gear, don your beachwear, and enjoy your drive down the stunning PCH: El Matador State Beach is waiting for you.