The Ingenious Tip For Always Knowing Where Your Luggage Is

Traveling can be both a rewarding and stressful time for everyone. One never truly relaxes fully until one has arrived at their destination safely — and so has their checked luggage. According to Lonely Planet, passengers traveling by plane find their time standing at the baggage claim area, waiting for their specific colored bags with unique name tags, to be the most anxious and stressful part of their travel journey.

How often have you found yourself quite literally racing off the airplane and sprinting to the baggage claim area at the other end of the airport hoping that your bag has not yet started its circular rotation around the belt, only to be accidentally grabbed by another passenger, or worse yet, not appearing at all after standing there for what seems like a lifetime watching for it? It's a traveler's worst nightmare — second to being stranded somewhere and not making your flight — as investigated by Forbes.

Welcome to the future of stress relief when traveling

If there was an affordable way to lighten the extreme stress brought on by your lost luggage nightmare, and have the ability to track your bags throughout their travels, would you? Well, fellow travelers, there is. And, it has to be the most ingenious solution for knowing where your bags are at all times. Similar to tracking your phone, laptop, or any other electronic device using GPS, travelers are now able to insert GPS or Bluetooth-activated, luggage tracking devices on or within their luggage, as reported by CNET.

From Apple AirTags to Samsung SmartTags, and other great luggage trackers available on the market, having that surety that your bags can be located by you — should they go missing or fall behind in catching up with you upon your arrival to your destination — is the ultimate stress reliever for passengers when traveling.

And, while airlines like Lufthansa made an impromptu decision, refusing to allow passengers to use Apple AirTags, as reported by The New York Times, navigation GPS devices are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags per the TSA website. Given that stamp of approval, Lufthansa quickly reversed its decision on banning such devices, according to The New York Times.

Are luggage trackers worth buying?

A recent article by Bloomberg reported on one man's lost luggage containing his customized Scottish kilt to be worn to a family member's wedding, and his watchful eye over it as it traversed three countries. While the gentleman's bag did not arrive in time for the wedding, his stress levels were lifted considerably knowing where his bag was at all times.

The fact that these small devices can easily be attached to the outside of your luggage, or placed inside your bag, and have the ability to not only provide you with the knowledge that if anything should happen to your luggage it can be tracked — providing you a less stressful travel environment — speaks volumes. 

As chaotic as traveling can be, and with airlines losing passengers' luggage at an alarming rate, as reported by CNBC, having that little bit of reassurance that you actually have control over locating your bags is a relief that any traveler will happily find is worth every penny. And at such affordable prices, should your luggage contain any precious or valuable content, these little gems are most certainly worth their weight in gold.