These Are The Best Days Of The Week To Purchase A Train Ticket

With the holidays fast approaching, you may have decided to forego hopping on a flight out of the country, and instead visit your family on the west coast of the United States. The easiest, most economical, and less stressful way to travel that length of distance is by train. And, since train travel affords people a host of benefits that airline travel does not — according to NBC News — opting for this mode of transportation, especially during the chaotic holiday travel season, can quite possibly be the smartest thing you do.

And, just like when purchasing airline tickets, rail service companies also provide cheaper train tickets when purchased in advance and on certain days of the week. If you plan your train trip well enough in advance of your departure date, you can save yourself quite a bit of money, as reported by NerdWallet. You may even find some train tickets on sale during peak season. But, planning ahead is key.

Light on the pocket meets peace of mind

According to Frommer's, Amtrak offers specials every week, and it's best advised to check on Tuesdays and Fridays to see what sale deals are offered by them. That being said, booking train tickets 12 weeks ahead of your departure date can also provide you with additional savings, as reported by MoneySavingExpert. Waiting to purchase your train tickets the same week or on the same day of your trip, is not a good idea, and in the end, can cost you a pretty penny.

Taking into consideration the increase in fuel prices, traveling by airplane or in your own car can take a good chunk out of your wallet, and travel budget. From fuel surcharges to hidden fees, extra baggage fees, long lines, and incredible delays — particularly during the holiday season peak travel times — traveling by plane has become increasingly more and more expensive, and frustrating.

A world of benefits

Traveling by train alleviates added costs straightaway since rail services offer train tickets at a flat, and oftentimes discounted rate, without any hidden fees. And, as Amtrak states on its website, there are several great advantages when traveling by train that cannot be experienced by car or airplane.

Should you decide to head overseas for your vacation, take advantage of traveling by train there as well. European rail services can provide an exhilarating experience that is not only memorable but also quite affordable. as reported by The Guardian

By doing a little bit of research before purchasing your train ticket, you can also find additional promotions and deals: From daily discounts to tour packages, and even rail passes. Traveling by train has never been easier or more affordable. Not to mention the peace of mind it affords. Having that ability to just kick back and relax, enjoy the glorious landscapes passing by your window, and not worry about the problems that often arise when traveling by plane or by car, is extremely comforting.