This Massachusetts Trail Might Just Be The Perfect Way To See New England's Fall Foliage

The Northeast has an array of hidden gems for travel lovers. Many of us have a visit to Niagara Falls on our bucket lists, but a vacation up east doesn't have to end there. You can use your trip to New England to see some of the best fall towns in the country, where foliage and charm give you the most wholesome autumn experience. Covered by a canopy of oranges, reds, and yellows backlit by the sun above, few things beat the cozy feeling a communing with nature during the fall. 

For backcountry explorers who love hiking, this is the time of year to walk along gorgeous views of changing trees in cooler, more temperate weather. Soak up the rest of the fall season before the changing leaves finally leave their trees bare by walking along this Massachusetts trail. Set along small towns that seem straight out of a painting and miles of nature preserves, this new trail should be the next thing you add to your Northeast bucket list.

The High Road trail offers the best views of the fall colors

Leaves turning, the wind blowing. A sea of red and orange along the horizon with steeple churches and bed and breakfast inns dotting your line of sight. Walking along the Berkshires' High Road takes travelers through New England's scenic woodlands while offering some of the best views of the country's fall foliage.

Opened in 2021, the original 8-mile path of the High Road connects a rugged series of trails into one easy-to-follow thru-path along the peaks of Yokun Ridge. More routes are in the works, according to the High Roads' creators. The Berkshires National Resource Council (BNRC) established the High Road and the subsequent trails yet to come to offer hikes punctuated by B&Bs and restaurants for hikers to regain their energy, according to National Geographic. You don't need a heavy trail backpack or tent to make a weekend of walking along the High Road.

The route is traced along the Berkshire mountains, taking hikers to elevations high enough to see expansive views of the region's vibrant autumn leaves. And planning your hike through the High Road is quick and easy with BNRC's helpful tools.

Use the BNRC Berkshire Trails app to plan your hike along the High Road

While the Berkshire National Resource Council plans for the High Road to expand even further, the trail is open for hikers now. The organization's free app allows hikers to get a sense of what their trip along the High Road will entail, according to its website. While you do not need to pack extensive camping gear like you would for most overnight hikes, it is still a good idea to plan ahead and decide which restaurants or inns you would like to stop at along your journey. 

A little bit of planning can save you a lot of stress so that, in the moment, you can be fully immersed in nature as you walk along the towering Yokun Ridge. Fall foliage spreading out for miles like an endless sea, you will be ready to embrace all things autumn.