Places Experienced Travelers Avoid During The Holidays

The holidays are an appealing time to plan a big vacation. You and your friends and family can more easily take days off from work or school around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Big cities are often hosting seasonal events and activities and are bursting with holiday charm through their festive decorations. 

And if you've saved through the year, you can afford a year-end splurge to celebrate this special time of year with the ones you love.

But experienced travelers know that certain destinations in the United States and around the world are more of a crowded nightmare than a winter wonderland around the holiday season. Certain destinations become overrun with tourists and have outrageous rates for flights, hotel rooms and rental cars as well as admission fares or tickets for activities.

On the other hand, other destination cities have miserable weather or become ghost towns because everyone leaves or businesses are all closed.

Your best bet for an enjoyable, relaxing Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's vacation is to avoid tourist traps and overrated, overcrowded locations.