11 Adventurous Bike Tours Around The World

11 Adventurous Bike Tours Around the World

When you embark on a bike tour, adventure and exercise seamlessly unite to create a truly outstanding way to see the world. Plus, contrary to what many might believe, bike tours aren't only meant for in-shape cyclists who spend an unthinkable amount of time logging miles on the road. There are a variety of trips to choose from and they cater to riders of all levels, offering recreational cyclists and even families the chance to see the world's most magnificent landscapes on two wheels.

There's truly a tour for every type of adventurer, and from Africa to the islands of the Mediterranean, these are some of the most incredible and adventurous bike tours around the world.

Glacier to Yellowstone Bike Tour

This seven-day, six-night tour allows cyclers the unique opportunity to witness the majestic beauty of two of the most iconic U.S. national parks in one trip, while, of course, offering stunning views all along the way. Riders will cover about 50 to 95 miles per day, beginning in West Glacier and ending in West Yellowstone. Tacking an extra day or two to the beginning or the end of your trip is recommended, as you'll likely want some extra time for exploration within one or both of these expansive parks.

Caesar Expedition, London-to-Rome Bike Tour

This package combines adventure and history into one incredible expedition, tracing Caesar's path from England's capital city all the way to the Colosseum. Covering 2,929 kilometers in 29 days, the tour boasts, culinary, cultural and historic elements leading riders across waterways, through vine-covered hills and rugged mountain canyons.

Morocco Bike Tour

This colorful and culturally rich route exposes riders to awe-inspiring views of an energetic African country. Cyclers will explore the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the deep Moroccan countryside and even spend some time hiking the majestic Toubkal Mountain. Described as "utter tranquility, combined with untouched beauty," this ride is easily considered one of the most unique and exceptional in the world.

Classic Climbs of the French Alps

Certainly not intended for beginner riders, this six-day tour highlights "the most dramatic climbs" in France. The level of intensity doesn't come without reward, though. Cycling to such heights grants riders access to seriously stunning mountain views. Roads followed on the route are quiet, but still challenging and highlighted by two or three major climbs, 40 miles and about 4,000 feet of elevation gain daily.

Mediterranean Island Hopping

Especially perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature-lovers, this 11-day tour of the Mediterranean highlights the vivid beauty of Sardinia (and area of the world that some of the world's longest-living people call home) and Corsica. Riders will get a taste of Sardinia's Italian influence as well as the French-inspired culture of Corsica all while taking in the beauty of unrivaled coastal landscapes featuring red granite rock walls and turquoise blue waters.

Canary Islands Bike Tour

According to Backroads (the outfitters who host this tour), pretty much every serious European cyclist makes a point of venturing to the Canary Islands for an epic ride. Essentially a sanctuary for cycling, the islands boast moderate temperatures and roads that really couldn't be more perfect for riding. Along the six-day ride you'll have the pleasure of viewing vibrant forest landscapes, rugged volcanic mountains and relaxing seaside scenery.

Ireland Costal Cycling

Rolling hills and tranquil roads characterize much of this stunning eight-day bike trip whose route follows Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. According to REI, the course has all the ingredients needed for a prefect cycling tour. Brilliant coastal landscapes set the scene as riders pedal along, exploring the area's local history and lively villages. And, of course, cyclists will have the chance to celebrate a day's ride with a pint of Guinness inside and authentic Irish pub.

Argentina Bike Tour

There's never a lack of things to see and do in Argentina, and this six-day tour highlights the best of the country's flavor and zest. The six-day ride provides unbeatable views of mountain landscapes, vividly colorful canyons, and vibrant colonial towns. Then, of course, there's also the flavorful foods and fragrant wines—as tour host Butterfield and Robison puts it: it's "deliciousness all over."

Brevard North Carolina

Not exactly the most typical of bike tours, this trip with The Cycling House is actually a base camp style cycling vacation. It's the perfect opportunity to admire the area's breathtaking fall colors while logging anywhere from 40 to 75 miles a day along the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the Pisgah National Forest. With varying terrains including everything from valleys and winding mountain roads to long climbs and remarkable descents, the trip truly offers a memorable experience for all types of cyclists.

Tasmania Bike Tour

Offering cyclists the chance to explore many of Tasmania's beloved national parks, this truly unique biking adventure features noteworthy highlights such as a ride through the "Western Wilds," voted the second best cycling destination in the world by Lonely Planet; World Heritage Areas including Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair and Dove Lake; and plenty of opportunities for wildlife sightings—keep your eyes out for platypi, marsupials and yes, even Tasmanian Devils.

Saigon to Angkor Cycling

Starting in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), the busy metropolitan buzz soon floats away as riders head towards Cambodia with views of the lively Mekong Delta ahead. Along the way cyclists will witness ancient temples, floating markets and ancient ruins, like the 1400-year-old remains of Sambor Prei Kuk. Plus, if you're lucky, you may catch a rare glimpse of the Irrawaddy River dolphin.