The Colombian Destination All Coffee Lovers Should Visit In Their Lifetime

You wake up in the morning to the sound of your coffee maker brewing. That rich, arabica aroma wafts through the air, enticing you out of bed to pour a hot cup and settle in. As you take your first sip, notes of chocolate, nuts, and fruit hit your palate and you wonder where coffee this good comes from.

Not surprisingly, Colombian coffee is one of the world's most favorite coffees according to Colombia Co, and Colombia is the world's top coffee exporter. But just where in Colombia does all this wonderful coffee come from, and is one able to visit? The answer is Zona Cafetera, and yes, this World Heritage Site — as recognized by UNESCO — is made up of rich valleys lined with waxy palms, lush, terraced hillsides, and dense forests.

With a host of activities to do within the Cocora Valley, as noted by The Culture Trip, it's also a travel destination favorite for coffee and non-coffee aficionados worldwide.

The infamous coffee farms of Zona Cafetera, Colombia

As Travel Weekly mentions, if you plan on visiting Colombia's coffee country, visiting a coffee farm is mandatory while you're there. If you're a die-hard coffee lover, there are numerous farm stays in the Coffee Triangle that will happily teach you the detailed methodology of harvesting coffee beans, from picking them yourselves to the final process of brewing them. And, after all that hard work, you'll be generously rewarded with tasting samples of some of the finest, most authentic, Colombian coffee there is.

According to Lonely Planet, the small towns of Salento, Manizales, Pijao, Calarcá, and Fillandia — within the coffee capitals — are a must to visit to try real Colombian coffee. You'll even experience several old traditions and cultural activities. 

And, if by chance you're feeling childlike and carefree, the Coffee Triangle even has its own National Coffee Theme Park chock full of adventurous surprises for adults and children.

A walk in the clouds of Zona Cafetera

If you're keen on experiencing the less touristy options of the coffee region of Colombia, you certainly won't be disappointed. BBC Travel notes that the Cocora Valley is also a hikers' playground with a host of surprises. But that's not all this magical region reveals to its visitors.

According to New York Magazine, lush, Andean mountains, waterfalls, exotic birds, hiking trails, horseback riding, and mystical, cloud forests of rich biodiversity await you as you escape from the hustle and bustle of the Bogotá city center and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area — never too far away from experiencing Colombia's coffee.

From its sustainable plantations to its vibrant culture and world-renowned coffee, the Zona Cafetera region of Colombia offers a delectable choice of options for anyone to explore, experience, and enjoy — whether you're a coffee lover, a nature enthusiast, or both.