These Countries Have The Best Weather In The World

What constitutes "the best weather" may be due to your personal preferences. Some people favor warmer weather, while others may prefer cooler temperatures. Would you rather year-round sunshine, sun and snow, or four climatic seasons?

The countries on this list have climates that range from hot, cold, humid and rainy. For instance, if you're looking for a country with mostly sunny days, visit Portugal. Head to New Zealand for a temperate climate, and Nepal for weather that ranges from tropical to arctic.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a year-round tropical climate, and the waters located along the countries beaches are comfortably warm. It's a perfect anytime vacation getaway. The dry months, December through April is the best time to visit.

2. Greece

Due to its geographical position, Greece maintains warm summers and mild winters. The summers usually last about 300 days out of the year, they are full of sunshine, and rarely will you see rainfall.

3. Cyprus

Yes, Cyprus can get pretty hot, the winters are short and the summers are long. But what makes the weather here so incredible is the lack of humidity. The air remains nice and the surrounding ocean causes nice cool breezes. You can expect to see sunshine about 89% of the time.

4. Spain

Expat statistics show that 92% of expats claimed to be satisfied with their life in Spain. "The good weather in Spain seems to play a role here: 84% of respondents say they thought about this factor as a potential benefit before moving there," the statistics explain.

5. Ecuador

Ecuador has a consistent temperature year-round, steady in the mid-70's. Considering it is on the equator, locals and tourists will notice that they get the same amount of sunlight every day — the sun rises and sets at the same time every day.

6. Mexico

Mexico is a hot spot and should be on your travel bucket-list. Expat respondents gave climate and social life gain widespread approval. The weather is almost perfect year-round — in the southern regions the temperatures range between around 75°F and 83°F; while in the northern regions the temperature remains around about 68°F to 75°F.

7. Italy

Respondents from the expats survey highly appreciate Italy's climate. The country has a variety of climates; Mediterranean along the coastlines and continental in the central and northern parts. Coastal areas have dry summers and mild winters.

8. Portugal

Many tourists choose to visit Portugal for their incredible weather. With long summers, mild winters and mostly sunny days — around 300, Portugal is the perfect year-round vacation destination.

9. South Africa

Enjoy the outdoors, embark on tons of adventures and view the scenic wonders of South Africa. The weather here changes over the course of the year, but that's what makes it so amazing. May through September you can expect to see clear skies and mostly sunny days; October through April you may encounter short afternoon showers, but this the best time for bird watching, and December through February are the hotter months.

10. New Zealand

This country is known for its temperate climate — warmest in the north and coldest in the south. It's the perfect destination for those of you who enjoy sun and snow. The long summers are perfect for beach getaways, and the winter months are cold enough to provide snow for winter sports enthusiasts.

11. France

Along the coastlines you will find France to have a temperate and mild climate, however, the more inland you go you will experience hot summers and cold snowy winters. This is the perfect weather because of its variation; go surfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

12. Australia

Enjoy beautiful sunshine weather almost year-round in Australia. The northern parts experience summer weather 356 days of the year, while the southern areas may get a bit cold from May through June.

13. Nepal

Located in South Asia is this incredible country with welcoming people, natural beauty and an abundance of culture. With four climatic seasons — spring, summer, autumn and winter — the climate in this country ranges from tropical to arctic. View blossoming flowers in the spring, go whitewater rafting in the summer, mountain biking in the fall and Heli skiing in the winter.

14. Bolivia

Bolivia is located near the equator, and depending on the altitude and topography of the region, you will find that Bolivia's weather varies between two distinct seasons — summer and winter. The temperatures depend primarily on elevation. The summer months are from November through March, and the winter months are from April through October.

15. Argentina

With two major climates – subtropical in the north and sub polar in the south, you can expect Argentina to be dry and hot during the summer and wet during the winter. Its range of ecosystems forms the perfect opportunities for sightseeing and wildlife viewing.