10 Totally Epic Treehouses Around The World

10 Totally Epic Treehouses Around the World

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes them so enchanting, but treehouses exude a certain kind of captivating charm incomparable to almost any other style of lodging. Maybe it's that "cozy cottage" feeling and the chance to reconnect with nature? Or, perhaps for many it's the opportunity to finally live out a childhood dream? There are so many aspects that make them truly exceptional and astonishing feats of architecture, but no matter what it is about treehouses that entices you most, each of these from around the world is sure to awaken your inner child and inspire you to seek a treehouse adventure of your own.

The Alnwick Garden Treehouse—Northumberland, England

This grand treehouse in Alnwick Garden happens to be an excitingly enchanting restaurant. Here, guests are welcomed to dine on fresh local food straight from Northumberland's farmlands. Complete with a cozy log fireplace and trees growing straight through the floor, the fairytale-like atmosphere offers a truly unique dining experience.

Kadir's Treehouses—Olympos, Turkey

Situated along Turkey's Mediterranean coast, this rustic resort provides guests (typically backpackers) with a variety of different treehouse-type lodging options. "It's a backpacking institution on the Turkey backpacking trail," wrote TravelTart.com blogger Anthony Bianco. According to the Kadir's website, visitors can take advantage of two different bars and a seafood restaurant and both breakfast and dinner are included in the price of each room.

The Gibbon Experience Treehouse—Laos

The Gibbon Experience was developed as a means of making a profit off of the forest without having to destroy it. Its creators worked with Laos locals to build treehouses and a network of canopy zip lines to connect them. Visitors who take part in the experience are granted treehouse accommodations, exclusive access to the Bokeo Nature Reserve, and access to treetop wildlife tours conducted by local guides.

Out 'n' About Treehouse Resort—Cave Junction, Ore.

This Oregon "treesort" calls itself a "true bed and breakfast in the trees."  Located next to Siskiyou National Forest, this intricate network of treehouse lodges lies at the center of the private 36-acre outdoor oasis. Local adventures and activities include zip lining, horseback riding, river rafting, and more.

The Enchanted Forest Treehouse—Revelstoke, British Columbia

This unique outdoor attraction claims to feature British Columbia's tallest treehouse and invites visitors to "step back in time and into another world" as they enter the world of The Enchanted Forest, where all types of fairytale creatures (including Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, and Captain Hook) come to life. Situated in the old growth forest of Canada's Monashee Mountains, it's said that the grand treehouse stands at a staggering 50 feet tall.

BeWILDerwood Curious Treehouse Adventure Park—Norfolk, United Kingdom

This 50-acre outdoor treehouse adventure park features everything from treehouses and zip lines to jungle bridges and "crockelbogs," or thorny green crocodile-like swamp creatures. The park's new "Sky Maze" weaves through the natural scenery and features tunnels, bridges, cargo nets, and zig-zag beams to provide a truly exciting and challenging treetop adventure for visitors of all ages.

Canopy Cathedral Treehouse at Londwood Gardens—Kennett Square, Pa.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape of Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens is the Canopy Cathedral, a Norwegian church-inspired structure that's said to offer awe-inspiring views of the garden's Large Lake. According to the Longwood Gardens website, the property features three treehouses in total. All were built in 2008 using reclaimed materials and are supported by a "pin foundation system" so that the trees' limbs and roots would remain untouched.

The Upper Pond at Treehouse Point—Fall City, Wash.

Arguably one of the most relaxing and tranquil destinations in the U.S., Treehouse Point visitors can look forward to truly disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Upper Pond is one of six treehouse lodges available in this adventurous Washington resort, located only 30 minutes outside of Seattle. You may recognize the owner, Pete Nelson— the star of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters and a 20-year treehouse-building veteran.

Treehouse at Hotel Bareiss—Baiersbronn, Germany

This luxurious and highly-rated hotel is situated in the middle of Germany's Black Forest. For guests of all ages the resort's Forest Park, features unique outdoor experiences like "the barefoot path," where you can enjoy the sensation of walking shoeless over soft sand, cool gravel, and warm wood. And for younger visitors, there's the Children's Village, which among other fun adventures features this unique and charming circular treehouse.

Big Pine Treehouse at the Grand Treehouse Resort— Eureka Springs, Ark.

The Grand Treehouse Resort features seven different stunning treehouse lodges to choose from, including The Big Pine pictured here. A true treehouse haven, Grand Treehouse offers wedding, anniversary, and birthday packages and  is located just five minutes from the historic Victorian town of Eureka Springs.