10 Top Health And Wellness Vacations For 2015

10 Top Health and Wellness Vacations for 2015

These specially focused trips and resorts are dedicated to offering guests the ultimate experience in relaxation and rejuvenation. Destinations like these will help you fit a little bit of exercise into your trip, but without making it feel like work. And they'll also make eating healthy not just easy, but unbelievably delicious, too. 

Whether you'll find restoration in outdoor adventures, waterfront yoga or luxurious spa treatments, the best health and wellness vacations of the year offer something for every type of health-conscious traveler. From yoga on the shores of Costa Rica to scenic hikes through the Appalachian trail in Vermont, the following trips offer activities and amenities that focus on every aspect of wellness for a truly unique and, most importantly, stress-free escape from life's rigid rules and restrictions.

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite, California

The Tenaya Lodge Yosemite Wellness & Spa Retreat (from January 16-19 in 2015) provides visitors with a diverse itinerary geared towards jump-starting or enhancing a healthy lifestyle for the New Year. Choose between a two- or three- night package, which includes everything from interactive educational classes and wine tastings to spa treatments, yoga classes and nature hikes. And of course, all of this takes place right in the backyard of one of America's most scenic and celebrated National Parks.

Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica

Rosalie Bay Resort boasts many relaxing and luxurious amenities such as nature-inspired spa treatments, guided meditation and even massage lessons. But what sets it apart from many other fitness-focused destinations is its emphasis on helping guests take their new healthy habits home with them. Your visit here will include a custom-tailored plan created by the resort's wellness coordinator that includes all the details and tools you'll need to be successful after returning to the real world. 

The St. Regis Aspen Resort, Colorado

Although rejuvenating vacations and snowy destinations don't typically go hand in hand, the St. Regis Aspen Resort's Mountaintop Reboot Program puts a unique and exciting twist on the everyday wellness retreat. While soaking in the vibes of this fitness-focused ski town, January 2015 program participants will experience training sessions, personalized wellness tips (including one-on-one sessions with the resort's nutritionist and personal trainer), healthy cooking classes (concluding with individualized meal plans with five healthy recipes to take home) and outdoor adventures like guided snowshoe hikes. 

Can Dream Luxury Villa, Ibiza

This boho-chic private villa will host 2015's (September 20-27) Fit & Fly Girl Ibiza retreat led by the Fit & Fly Girl founder, Rebecca Garland and personal trainer Kiya Knight. The getaway includes everything from daily fitness classes to nutrition, health and inspirational coaching. Notable highlights will include healthy meals prepared by a personal chef, yoga classes, a private guided island hike, a day trip to nearby Formentera island for a kayaking adventure through Mediterranean sea caves and of course, free time for simply relaxing on the beach. "Fit & Fly Girl Ibiza will be the ideal blend of fitness, wellness, pampering and adventure," says Garland.

The Vines Resort & Spa, Argentina

At the foot of the Andes mountains and nestled among lush vineyards lies the luxurious Vines Resort & Spa. Here, those in pursuit of a relaxing but also active escape will find deluxe amenities such as a floating gym that hovers over the estate and offers inspiring mountain range views, an outdoor climbing wall, winding vineyard trails for long walks and plenty of secret spots for yoga practice and meditation.  

Bacara Resort & Spa, California

For vacationers with weight loss goals in mind, The Bacara Resort's newly launched Sky Ranch Fitness retreat promises results through a "true vacation experience." Daily hikes through the area's scenic Gaviota & Santa Ynez Mountains are followed by training sessions that allow guests to work on customized programs with personal trainers. The exercise aspect of the retreat is described as physically challenging, but the trip is rounded out with relaxing downtime activities like meals hosted by some of the area's most well-loved restaurants and wine tastings.  

New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont

Home to some of the country's best hiking, this destination resort sits right next to the Appalachian Trail. With over 30 hikes offered and an award winning fitness program, this northeastern retreat is the perfect escape for anyone who wants to get away and get fit. Fitness classes include everything from yoga and chi kung to Pilates and "abs and core training". Other amenities range from a variety of luxurious spa services to evening classes focused on cooking, relaxation techniques and holistic health. 

Blue Osa, Costa Rica

This beachfront eco-resort focuses on yoga as a means of rejuvenation.  Those "seeking solace from the hectic world" are welcomed to the intimate setting within the Costa Rican rainforest. All meals at Blue Osa are freshly prepared with organic locally-sourced produce and a building devoted entirely to yoga features an open-air second floor studio overlooking a private beach. Guests can visit as individuals, with groups or as part of pre-organized yoga retreat programs, but no matter which type of trip you choose you're sure to experience a truly restful and relaxing getaway.  

Hilton Head Health, South Carolina

This weight loss retreat and health resort prides itself on its unique location, which lends guests the opportunity for exciting activities like lagoon kayaking, sunrise beach walks and paddleboard yoga. Hilton Head visitors can choose from a variety of fitness-focused programs, including a week-long healthy living retreat, a four-week intensive weight loss program or, for those in search of a more relaxing escape, a five night "play well" fitness vacation featuring activities like tennis, horseback riding and sailing lessons.

Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas

With notable amenities such as healthy meals prepared from an onsite organic garden and newly designed interiors made to make guests feel cozy and pampered, this secluded 40-room destination spa offers a truly unique experience for vacationers in search of a serene sanctuary. While the Lake Austin Spa Resort has a long list of exercise and fitness activities to choose from, as well as a highly acclaimed spa, what this destination prides itself on most is an incredible culinary experience that offers guests the chance to indulge in the healthy cuisines of top-notch chefs from around the world.