11Places To Film Fantastic GoPro Footage

The 11 Best Places to Film GoPro Footage

From snapping action shots while kitesurfing in the heart of the Finger Lakes region to documenting waterfall hikes in Costa Rica, the following action-packed getaways are some of the best in the world for capturing extraordinarily fantastic footage with your GoPro.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Cheryl Gentry, an avid traveler and founder of Glow Media, used her GoPro to capture footage while exploring Rwanda. She said her sister used her own GoPro to capture this image of her. "We were with a family of 17 gorillas, the Sabyinyo Silverback family," Gentry said. "Our guide was Dian Fossey's guide, his name was Oliver and the book (also a movie) 'Gorilla's in the Mist' was based off of Dian's life."

Snorkeling in Fiji

Kelly Mazur, a travel writer and creator of Kelly Ella Maz, an educational and inspirational travel blog, suggests snatching up scenic underwater photo ops while snorkeling in Viti Levu's Pacific Harbour.  "We went snorkeling in front of Nanuku Auberge Resort," she said. "This reef was in between the resort's beach on the mainland and the resort's private island, so it was very secluded as there are no other resorts or tour groups around." Mazur said the reef is virtually untouched.

Hiking in Chile

A trek through Chile's Torres del Paine National Park will not only offer the chance to capture footage of sweeping mountain landscapes, but also exciting wildlife encounters (the park is home to a wide variety of fauna including pumas, foxes and flamingos). Plus conveniently located hotels, such as Tierra Atacama and Tierra Patagonia offer guests the opportunity to embark on guided adventures, which include volcano climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking and stargazing. 

Dogsledding in Greenland

Outfitters at Borton Overseas offer a unique dogsledding excursion, which not only provides ambitious adventurers the perfect opportunity to experience traditional Scandinavian culture, but a the chance to capture exhilarating footage while taking part in a fast-paced sleigh ride led by a team of spirited dogs.

Kitesurfing in Ithaca, N.Y.

For explorers who are more partial to wintertime adventures, Ithaca serves as a premier spot for kite- and windsurfing. Cayuga Lake's scenic southern shore will serve as the backdrop for capturing "crazy stunt" footage and the area is also home to over 150 waterfalls where jumping is a popular summertime activity, which means there are plenty of opportunities to shoot killer footage all year round.

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Recommended by Kathleen Karpus, co-creator of the Wanderlust Explorers blog and an avid GoPro user, Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situates explorative kayakers amidst striking limestone islands, rugged rock formations and low caves, making it a less intense but still exotic and exciting destination for capturing extraordinary footage. 

Rock Climbing in Point Dume, Malibu, Calif.

Scott Bender, a self-proclaimed GoPro enthusiast and host of Locals Only, a web-based show about travel and food, says that Point Dume is a "must-see" beach. "It's fairly quiet compared to Santa Monica or Venice," he said. "And the surf is great so if you have a mount for your board, you can get great photos." Personally, Bender loves the rock climbing wall there best. He said it's easy to access (no long hikes necessary) and that there's a good chance of seeing marine wildlife. "We have seen whales, seals and dolphins within the last couple weeks," he said. "The top of the rock wall is also an easy walk up on the side so you don't have to be a climber to take in the amazing seascape view." In addition to surfing and climbing, Bender said Point Dume is a great place to capture footage while swimming and scuba diving, too.

Waterfall Hiking in Montezuma, Costa Rica

A small town on the southern tip of Costa Rica's western peninsula, Bender said that Montezuma is an absolutely adventurous destination best known for its waterfall hikes and friendly monkey population. Between the hikes, cliff jumps and stunning scenery, he said there's certainly no lack of exciting photo opportunities. Bender said he also followed the waterfall trail over several high-rise bridges to find a zipline tour. "I just took the bridges, which rested over 100-feet in the air and were a bit sketchy," he said. "I figured if I am crossing a bridge held together with rope and duct tape, this could be my last selfie, so it better be an epic one."  

Off-Roading in Perthshire, Scotland

Guests of The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire are presented with a wide array of adventurous opportunities including falconry, polo, horseback riding and shooting. But perhaps most "GoPro-worthy" of all, is the chance to take an off-roading adventure over two of Scotland's most challenging courses while surrounded by the lush landscape of the Perthshire countryside. 

Whitewater Rafting, Idaho

One of the wildest rivers in all of America the Lochsa is home to more than 60 thrilling rapids, most of which are class III to IV. Nearby River Dance Lodge offers guests the chance to experience the river's photo-worthy excitement through guided rafting trips with ROW Adventures. Rafters will have the chance to capture extreme action footage while making their way down the river's rugged waters, as well as the opportunity to snap serene, scenic shots while pausing for a break on a small island that's home to towering, 200-foot tall white pine trees.

Olympic Legacy Park, Utah

A bouldering wall that hovers over Olympic Legacy Park's ski jumping pool; is your inner child not just jumping for joy? The action-packed and totally photo-worthy Psicobloc Wall is scheduled to return to the park's grounds this summer and will be open to the public. Climbers can choose from two climbing route options, both of which pass through the 35-foot tall overhang.