Most Popular Destinations For International Tourists

#10 Malaysia

Its long white beaches and tropical islands remain as beautiful as ever, but no longer as quiet and deserted as they once were. The government has developed tourism heavily to make the country's economy less dependent on natural resources.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 29.1m

#9 Russia

Ancient cities, a rich cultural heritage, a vast country of diverse natural beauty and traditions, and simply easier accessibility have brought increasing numbers of visitors since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 30.6m

#8 United Kingdom

Heritage and history underpin Britain's tourist appeal but many visitors don't venture beyond the capital, missing the natural and cultural splendors of the rest of the country and of Scotland and Wales.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 31.8m

#7 Germany

Cities like Berlin and Munich are tourist destinations in their own right, but outdoor recreation, including winter sports, is one of the two main drivers of tourism in Germany. Two thirds of all nights spent in hotels in Germany are spent in spa towns.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 33.0m

#6 Turkey

Historical sites, Istanbul's heady mix of East and West at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, and Aegean and Mediterranean resorts have long drawn Western visitors, but more and more Middle Easterners come for spa treatments and to shop.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 38.0m

#5 Italy

Art, opera, fashion, and food and wine draw millions of visitors each year as much as Italy's beaches and mountains, but the country has more World Heritage Sites than any other.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 50.9m

#4 Spain

Sun-seeking, nightlife-loving northern Europeans flock to Spain's beaches and Mediterranean islands as they have for the past half-century, while cultural tourists soak up the richness of cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Estimated no. of visitors, 201463.3m

#3 China

Tourism to China has increased rapidly with the opening of the country over the past three decades. The U.N.'s World Tourism Organization forecasts that China will be the most visited tourist destination by 2020.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 64.6m

#2 United States

A big country with a rich mix of natural wonders, great cities, historic landmarks, theme parks and shopping malls has tourists spending more than in any other country.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 72.4m

#1 France

Cathedrals and chateaux, great cities and a rich culture, beach resorts and ski resorts, regional food and wine and so much more combine to make France the most visited country.

Estimated no. of visitors, 2014: 90.2m