10 Countries You Can Visit For Less Than $50 A Day

There are too many travel myths out there. Probably the most common one is that international travel is too expensive for the average person—It's just not true.

Dedicated travelers and backpackers everywhere know that finding the right deal and being open to compromise can make practically any dream trip a reality. When travel is your top priority, you can go anywhere.

Those same travel-obsessed people also recognize that choosing the right destination is key to keeping costs down and making the most of current and future vacations. It's no secret that traveling in France will cost you more than traveling in Sri Lanka—the question is how much can you save. [slideshow:1014]

People go to France and other expensive countries for a reason. Beautiful sights, remarkable food and rich culture are some of the main things travelers are after and typical tourist destinations like France offer access. But they're not the only ones; the countries on our list were vetted, not only for average daily cost, but also for value. Each of the cheap countries for travel has plenty to offer travelers on tight budgets, even if their cities and historic sites may not be as famous.

Our list of ten countries is a only small sample of affordable destinations, there were many other countries with great attractions that didn't make the top ten. Indonesia was a close runner up with a diverse landscape, the busy city of Jakarta and cheap accommodations. Romania was a top choice, as well, with some of the most reasonably priced ski vacations in the world. And Hungary was a contender with a storied history, stunning architecture and the general allure of Budapest, all for an incredibly good rate.

We managed to narrow down the list to just ten—and these are ten remarkable destinations.

Watch Cheapest Countries for Travelers

It is important to mention, however, that the rankings and the list are somewhat subjective. The budget for your travels will always depend on the level of comfort you expect while away and types of activities you plan to do while abroad. The numbers and information used to make the list are average budgets based on statistics; the budget mentioned in the story might not be a good fit for you.

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