10 Cold Weather Camping Hacks To Get You Through Winter

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Camping during the wintertime is not for the faint of heart. It can turn out to be a miserable adventure if ill prepared. Temperatures are low, and stray towards the ice age while you try to sleep. But, there are few brave souls out there who brave the freezing chills of winter camping. And for those daring individuals, here are a few cold weather camping hacks to help you get through your insane feat. 

Use Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are a lifesaver when it comes to warming up your sleeping bag in the low temperatures of the night. Once heated up, the insulated sleeping bag will trap the heat, keeping you warmer throughout the night.

Use a yoga mat or sleeping bag

The cold ground only makes sleeping worse when you have not isolated yourself. Use a sleeping pad or yoga mats to create a layer between yourself and the ground, and therefore keep warmer.

Cuddle Up

The more people. the more body heat. Sleep close together so that less cold air can rise from the ground.

Store matches in a metal container

Keep your matches dry from the wintery and wet weather out there. Often times, a great camping hack is to keep your matches in a plastic container, but since plastic can break when frozen, in the wintertime keep them in a metal container.

Sleep with your clothes

Stuff your outfit for tomorrow in your sleeping bag, so your body heat warms them up. Then when you change in the morning, you'll be putting on toasty warm clothing.

Keep batteries warm

Batteries won't work properly when they are too cold. If you need power simply warm up your batteries in your hands before use.

Use snow to wipe

Grab a handful of snow, squeeze and you've just created makeshift toilet paper with a wiping point created.

Sleep Face Up

While it may seem appealing to snuggle your face into your pillow and sleeping bag, the moisture from your breathing will actually make things colder. Try to breath outside of the sleeping bag.

Use your backpack as a leg warmer

Unpack your backpack and open it up wide. Slide it over your feet and the insulation will warm up your toes very quickly. And warm toes mean a warmer body.

Store water bottles upside down

Store your water bottles upside down in the side pockets of your packs. That way, the bottom will freeze first, leaving water at the top for when you drink it.