World's Best Hikes: Beehive Basin, MT

Adventure guide Kasey Austin has been in the business since she was six and has traveled extensively in Europe and the Americas. She leads tours of Yellowstone and Alaska for Austin-Lehman Adventures in Montana. Kasey picked 10 of her favorite hikes in the U.S. and worldwide.

Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana
The work to get up to Beehive Basin is worth the effort. Beginning with views of the Big Sky Valley, this trail snakes its way along a trickling, snow-fed creek, across mountain slopes carpeted with wildflowers. Upon reaching the basin, a small unnamed mountain lake awaits you surrounded by open vistas, tall mountains, and snow! A picnic lunch on the lakeshore followed by some trout fishing or a snowball fight is sure to be on your agenda for the afternoon!

6.4 miles round trip