Visit This Quintessential English Beach That Has Been Name The Best In The UK

When one thinks of England, images of Big Ben, soldiers in traditional garb, the picturesque and highly walkable English countryside, and maybe the Beatles or even the Spice Girls pop into mind. However, there are many under-the-radar destinations in England that are just as worthy of visiting as those bigger cities like London and Manchester. In fact, some of them even have ... beaches. Yes, that's right. Beaches in England are certainly not the stereotypical England most travelers think of, but Bournemouth Beach offers a unique break from the hustle and bustle of big cities and the typical English countryside.

Bournemouth Beach is a coastal town in southern England. A visit here might change your opinion on how you view this typically cold, gloomy country. If you want to experience one of the UK's best-hidden gems, head on over to this unsuspecting beach town for some great food, unique diving, colorful houses, affordable accommodation, and above all, a new view of the way you perceive England.

What to do in Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach is known for its colorful houses, clear water, and busy summertime crowds. Not only are the colorful beach houses of Bournemouth picturesque, but guests can actually rent them to stay in overnight.

One of the most popular tours to partake in when visiting Bournemouth Beach is visiting Lulworth Cove and Durdledoor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site otherwise known as the Jurassic Coast. Of course, as with any beach town around the world, visitors can choose to dive. Dorset Diving Company offers diving, and even PADI Certification courses, but be warned — the experience will be quite different from those in the Caribbean, as, naturally, the waters are a bit cooler.

You'll need to know where to grab the best bite in town. Head over to top-rated eateries such as Turtle Bay Bournemouth, El Murrino, Renoufs, and Twelve Eatery. The most common dish to order in the UK is fish and chips, so why not eat them from a beach town?

How to get there and best times to visit

It goes without saying that the best time to visit Bournemouth Beach is in the summer since the United Kingdom is not particularly known for its prime weather. While you likely won't receive the intense temperatures that you might get on other European beaches, such as Ibiza or Mykonos, this can actually add to its charm. You'll get to enjoy a beach town without the sweltering heat.

Bournemouth Beach doesn't require an overnight stay. A visit here can easily be done as a day trip from London (two and a half hours by car, or two hours by train) or the historical city of Bristol (also two and a half hours by car or two hours by train). The best way to find the train route right for you is to compare options on Omio or download Eurail.

If you do choose to stay over at Bournemouth Beach, some of the best hotels in town include hotel options like The Green House (a four-star hotel) and Hilton Bournemouth (also a four-star hotel). Whichever way you paint it, a visit to Bournemouth Beach will be an exciting new adventure to reshape the way you think about England. And who knows? Maybe you'll fall in love with your next European beach getaway.