Places In Malibu Where You're Most Likely To Spot Celebrities

It's no secret that celebrities frequently flock to Malibu to enjoy the serene landscape and get away from their bustling lives in Los Angeles. The luxurious destination is roughly an hour from the heart of L.A. and offers 21 miles of stunning beach views. In fact, so many A-listers love the opulent town so much that they've managed to score some seriously nice — and expensive — beachfront properties. Kim Kardashian owns a whopping $70 million mansion, Jay-Z and Beyoncé just made history buying their $200 million estate, and even Lady Gaga seems to enjoy her $22.5 million pad.

There are already so many reasons to visit the affluent area — like surfing, hiking, and walking the beaches — but you can also add celebrity spying to that list by visiting a few places they frequent. While you're not guaranteed to see a superstar at any of the places listed, these are some great places to start. As a note, when in Malibu, you're likely to spot celebs living their everyday lives – dining at their favorite restaurants, grabbing some groceries, shopping, or enjoying beaches — so try to play it cool. And, even if don't spot any celebrities, the food and other activities of Malibu are still superb and worth the day trip from Los Angeles

Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu has become one of the most star-studded restaurants in not just Malibu — but in the whole country. If a celebrity owns a spot in Los Angeles or is just visiting from out of town, they're likely to stop by the hotspot. Chef Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa cooks up dishes like Monkfish Pate with Caviar, Lobster Tempura Truffle Amazu, and Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, among other mouthwatering items. The restaurant is upscale and expensive but offers a dreamy view of the Pacific Ocean.

Several celebrities have loved dining here so much that it's become one of their usual spots. Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Lori Harvey, Sofía Vergara, Caitlyn Jenner, and North West have picked the restaurant to either celebrate their birthdays or host birthdays for their loved ones and fellow A-list friends. 

Even if it's not a special occasion, stars like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Victoria and David Beckham, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the celebs who have been spotted here to enjoy the food and views. One thing to note: Reservations aren't the easiest to snag, but locals recommend calling and talking with a host or walking in for a weekday lunch.

Malibu Country Mart

As they say, celebrities ... they're just like us. Since Malibu is a more laid-back version of hectic L.A., it's also often a place where stars live a more normal version of their lives. While there are several phenomenal restaurants scattered throughout the area, if you're looking to spot some celebs, visiting some regular spots might garner more luck.

Malibu Country Mart is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and their website describes it as an outdoor "premier seaside destination for high-end shopping and dining." The center is located in the heart of Malibu and includes several retail, dining, and wellness options. One of the restaurants within the complex, Lucky's Steakhouse, also just so happens to be a Kardashian hotspot where Kourtney Kardashian and her husband, Travis Barker, Kendall Jenner, and Caitlyn Jenner frequently dine.

Britney Spears made a rare public appearance amid her conservatorship battle to treat herself to a shopping spree at the Madison clothing store in April 2021. Emma Roberts also made headlines when she and her on-again, off-again fiancé, Evan Peters, rekindled their romance at an Airbnb before stopping to get Starbucks there in 2016. (The two broke up for good in 2019). Nicky Hilton and Simon Cowell are a few of the other celebs who frequent the Malibu Country Mart.

Zuma Beach

Since Malibu is known for its 21 miles of coastline, it should come as no surprise that celebrities often enjoy their time on its beach. Hailey Bieber has come over to walk her dog, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been seen strolling the waterfront with their oldest child, and even Leonardo DiCaprio has been known to soak up the sun on Malibu's sandy beaches.

Many celebrities own homes on the water in exclusive communities like Carbon Beach, also known as "Billionaire's Beach," but they're not all easily accessible to the public. Luckily for the non-billionaires of the world, Malibu still offers other stunning beaches, such as Zuma Beach. Zuma is the largest beach in the area, but that hasn't deterred stars from visiting.

Exes Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale even named their son Zuma after the hotspot, while Taylor Swift filmed part of her famous "22" music video here. Matthew McConaughey, Halle Berry, and Pierce Brosnan have all been known to go on morning jogs, take calming walks, and ride the waves at Zuma Beach.

Little Beach House Malibu

Soho House is a global hotel chain and exclusive private members' club with 40 locations globally, with establishments in New York City, Los Angeles, and of course, one in Malibu called Little Beach House Malibu. The Malibu location opened in 2016 and is located directly on the beach, conveniently next door to Nobu. The property offers stunning ocean views and an outdoor terrace serving Aegean cuisine (like a spicy feta dip, flame-grilled meatballs, and branzino) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The location also prides itself on its curated art collection that showcases 120 pieces of art.

The members-only club has hosted several A-listers over the years. This includes couples like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, and Sean Penn and Olga Korotyayeva. Just months before calling it quits, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker were photographed smiling and chatting on the outdoor terrace.

Before getting too excited, you should know that the only way to get into Little Beach House is with an existing member, and memberships start at $1,100 per year. However, there are also dedicated spaces for hosting events, meetings, and private dinners, so there's always the possibility of a member inviting you to an event. But if you do receive an invite, know that the club takes members' privacy seriously, meaning no photos of the guests inside. 

Trancas Country Market

Even celebrities need to run errands now and then, and several of them enjoy picking up a few items at the Trancas Country Market. Located in the heart of western Malibu, the outdoorsy, chic shopping center includes several grocery stores, boutiques, and restaurants. One of the most popular stops inside is Vintage Grocers, where several celebrities are known to shop for its gourmet, natural, and organic food. "A Star Is Born" co-stars and pals Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were spotted shopping here together in 2016, and Kris Jenner even called it the "most amazing grocery store in Malibu" when she went shopping with daughter Kylie Jenner here in an episode of "The Kardashians."

When the stars aren't purchasing produce, they're enjoying some of the other shops, dining at the restaurants, or running run-of-the-mill errands. Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, were photographed sharing a smooch while grabbing coffee here in 2018. Lady Gaga ventured here for another outing that resulted in her sitting in a shopping cart as then-boyfriend Christian Carino pushed her around in 2017. 

Even if you don't spot a celeb wandering the isles of Vintage Grocers or grabbing a coffee around the corner, you can still embrace what it feels like to shop like a star. Visitors can get their hair done, participate in a meditation session, and shop for clothing, jewelry, and even some sweet treats, allowing you to bring home some not-so-tacky souvenirs.

Café Habana

Sometimes, celebrities seem to feel most comfortable hanging out and dining at establishments owned and operated by their fellow stars. Rande Gerber, who's married to Cindy Crawford and shares two model children, Kai and Presley Gerber, has been in the spotlight for over 20 years and has launched a business empire of his own. He co-founded Café Habana, a popular Cuban and Mexican restaurant, which has locations in New York City, Tokyo, and of course, Malibu. Visitors can dine on a variety of delicacies, like a Cubano, Habana Chop Salad, and several kinds of tacos and enchiladas. 

Besides Rande and his family (his son used to work at the hotspot), the sandwich shop attracts a plethora of stars. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage may not have lasted, but before she filed for divorce in February 2021, the "Kardashians" star and the "Gold Digger" rapper spent a date night at Café Habana in 2019. Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, were photographed chowing down on some corn when the spot first opened. 

The authentic Cuban eatery also hosts karaoke nights, where none other than Bono, Sting, and Kid Rock have all sung a tune or two. To add even more star power to the mix, Rande is business partners with George Clooney, and he's been known to swing by every now and then. Clooney even picked the venue to celebrate his engagement to now-wife, Amal Clooney, in May 2014.

Solstice Canyon Loop Trail

When they're not singing, acting, modeling, or dancing, many A-listers prefer to spend their pastime doing more leisurely outdoor activities to balance out their highly publicized lives. The California coast features plenty of hikes and nature walks away from the spotlight. Meghan Markle, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, and Mindy Kaling are just a few of the celebrities who enjoy taking a California hike every now and then. 

Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, Franklin Canyon, and Will Rogers State Park are popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles, and many treks provide stunning views, whether it be of the ocean, waterfalls, or even a hidden rainforest. However, there are also breathtaking hiking trails in Malibu, including one of the highest-ranked ones in the area, the Solstice Canyon Loop in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. 

The 3.2-mile loop features a waterfall, abandoned ruins, and views of the Pacific Ocean. It's rated moderately difficult, so keep that in mind before bringing any children or dogs. Even Taylor Swift is a fan of the scenic walk and was photographed holding hands with then-boyfriend Joe Alwyn in 2018. Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, and Patrick Dempsey have also all been photographed walking some of the dozens of picturesque Malibu trails.

Taverna Tony

If there's one thing celebrities love, it's a restaurant with authentic cuisine and an impeccable vibe, and that's why Taverna Tony has been a celebrity hotspot for over two decades. In addition to a wide array of Mediterranean delicacies, the eatery is located by the aforementioned Malibu Country Mart. The restaurant offers traditional offerings like tzatziki, hummus, tabouli, moussaka, and several varieties of lamb, in addition to lighter options like savory salads, fresh seafood plates, and angel hair pasta. During special occasions, the restaurant even hires belly dancers to perform for their diners, and unlike other eateries on this list, landing a reservation here isn't difficult.

Many celebrities consider Taverna Tony to be one of their usual go-to spots, including Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Scott Disick. The restaurant has also been a place where several celebrities have chosen to host their milestones and special occasions over the years. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen once celebrated Father's Day here, and Kourtney Kardashian dined here alongside her three children for her 39th birthday. John Stamos even revealed in his memoir that he and his "Full House" co-stars would meet up at the hotspot during the early days of his tumultuous divorce from ex-wife Rebecca Romijn.

The Park at Cross Creek

If you're looking to find a fun-filled family activity, then one good spot to people watch — and hopefully celebrity watch — is Cross Creek Park in downtown Malibu. Cross Creek combines shopping, dining, playing, and relaxing in an open, modern mall concept. The area centers around a park, which includes a Big Green Learning Garden that serves as both a place for kids to learn and a place to pick fresh herbs and vegetables.

A firetruck- and police-themed playground is situated next to the park and is accessible to children with developmental disabilities. There's even a chic porch area that overlooks the park, allowing parents to watch their children from above. Even without kids, visitors can still take a second to take in the fresh Malibu air while exploring downtown.

Just like other Malibu citizens, many celebrities bring their little ones to the park, making the most of an errand run turned playdate. (There's a Whole Foods Market next to the park). Adam Sandler used to bring his two daughters, Sadie and Sunny, here before they grew up, and many other VIPs have been photographed at the shopping center and park, including Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooke Burke, Carrie-Anne Moss, Minnie Driver, and Denise Richards.