The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Frequent Traveler In Your Life

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Once you start traveling a lot, it becomes evident that there are a lot of needs you may have you didn't have before. There are endless options for travel-friendly accessories and must-haves, a list that seems to grow daily as companies become more versatile. Your favorite frequent flier probably has everything major covered, like your favorite luggage or travel outfits. Still, these gifts might improve their travel experience, whether they're flying for business or pleasure.

Although it seems counterintuitive, especially for minimalistic packers, to have more stuff to bring along, some of these things save luggage space. Take, for example, a three-in-one charging stand, which replaces the need for two additional chargers and cables. Sometimes, having extra items around can make it easier to pack less or pack better. Here are some of the things we've found beneficial for mega travelers of all kinds.

Items in this list were selected based on their functionality, reputation, and usefulness for the modern traveler. We consulted reviews, travel sites, and social media to see what products are being talked about the most and, more importantly, whether or not they make traveling an easier or better experience.

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

Best Travel Journal

Frequent travelers probably know that there are only so many souvenirs one can acquire during their adventures. One thing they won't be able to part with, however, is the many memories made along the way. That's when these gorgeous travel journals, inspired by some of the world's most iconic cities, will come in handy.

DesignWorks Travel Journals are lauded online by user reviews, which point to the terrific giftability of these notebooks. Buyers say that the notebooks are not only well made, they're also beautiful. When your intrepid explorer friend is scribbling down all their adventures in front of a romantic setting sun, they'll think of you and appreciate the thoughtful gift.

These gorgeous yet simple suede journals feature some incredible places etched on the cover. Does your frequent traveler love Sydney? What about the ocean-blue roofs of Santorini? These sturdy travel journals are an excellent addition to any trip, especially for avid journalers who prefer blank pages to prompts. While these DesignWorks journals won't make the act of travel any easier, they do make it possible to preserve special memories along the way. 

The DesignWorks Travel Journals are available on Amazon starting at $15.06.

Best Travel Charger

When you can't figure out what to give the traveling techie in your life, consider the iLive 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand. This portable charger can handle AirPods, a phone, and an Apple watch at the same time. It folds up into the size of a flat, old-school flip phone for easy storage. Plus, the AirPod charger fits into the back of the phone charging piece, and the Apple Watch charger slides into the base, so nothing is in harm's way.

We can attest that this charger is the one thing your frequent traveler won't want to travel without, especially if they're techies. With so much potential in a little package, it's easy to see why. Users online adore this small but mighty charger for travel mainly because of its incredible portability. There are several complaints about the charging light, though that can be remedied with a strip of black electrical tape.

Since the stand is compact, it only needs one charging cord. That means fewer things to remember ahead of another trip and less concern when a hotel room inevitably doesn't have enough charging ports. Another bonus of this stand is that users can easily watch videos or use their phones since it is vertical. That's ideal for waning phones with owners who need some TikTok or Netflix levity before bed.

The iLive 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is available at Macy's starting at $39.99.

Best Portable Monitor

For the business traveler in your life or a constantly busy digital nomad, a portable monitor from SideTrak will help make their lives immensely more manageable. These monitors attach to their laptops and serve as a second screen, perfect for comparing notes or anything else requiring two computer screens, making it much easier to work on the go. They are also super lightweight, weighing in at just over a pound — ideal for a working traveler on the go.

Although smaller than the other SideTrak monitors, the Swivel 12.5" is a fantastic add-on for working on the go. Why? Because it still has all the bells and whistles of the other monitors but without the extra bulk. The monitor can increase productivity during travel, and buyers agree that it makes working remotely (or even from home) much easier than relying on one laptop screen.

They can rotate 360 degrees and even have their own stand if you disconnect it from your laptop to use independently. The SideTrak Swivel 12.5" isn't compatible with Microsoft Surface devices, so be sure you know what kind of laptop your friend has to ensure it will work. That said, the monitors are compatible with other Microsoft and Apple devices. It is also not a touchscreen monitor. Even so, it's a handy workaround for folks who work around the world, especially since it comes with a carrying case.

The SideTrak Swivel 12.5" is available on Amazon starting at $329.99

Best Travel Containers

While there's nothing wrong with the old standby of traditional toiletry bottles, Keep Your Cadence mini capsules will elevate anyone's travel game. These minimalistic, customizable capsules are magnetic and will keep all your toiletries, small trinkets, or medication well organized, no matter how far they go with you.

These little capsules have gone viral on social media, though publications support how incredibly iconic they are. CNN called them a "game-changer for travel" for their durability, functionality, and customizable features. Buyer reviews note that, while these capsules are small, they seem to hold quite a bit of product. They're also beloved for their design, interchangeability, and ease of use. Reviewers were also impressed at how easy it is to swap out the lids.

Individual capsules can be organized with labels like shampoo, conditioner, or a little sun to indicate sunscreen. There are a lot of labels to choose from, making these some of the most comprehensive organizational tools a traveler could want. The label tiles are even interchangeable, so if your recipient uses one of the capsules for lotion instead of sunscreen, there is a simple labeling solution. Cadence capsules even magnetize to one another, creating a kind of honeycomb of products. Keep your sink area clear and your stuff straight — no more accidentally using lotion instead of conditioner because they look the same in unlabeled reusable bottles.

Keep Your Cadence capsules are available on Amazon starting at $66.

Best Travel Jewelry Organizer

Transporting jewelry can be a hassle, even for the most organized travelers. That's why a compact, sturdy, and cute jewelry organizer is a perfect gift for the fashion-forward traveler — no more tangled necklaces or makeshift anti-tangle devices for your favorite jetsetter. Best of all, these organizers are moderately priced, making them a budget-friendly option for travel gifting.

BAGSMART has a lot of travel organization products available online, though this particular organizer appears to take the cake. Customers have dubbed it the best travel jewelry partly because it remains flat no matter how many items are packed inside. Buyers also overwhelmingly agree that this little organizer is perfect for travel, and its design keeps necklaces from tangling.

This BAGSMART organizer has space for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. Because this organizer is so compact, it can easily be zipped shut and tucked into a personal item or carry-on to avoid losing valuable accessories. When closed, the BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer resembles a chic, flat clutch that can be unfolded and placed neatly on a flat surface for easy access. Plus, its design makes it easy to see almost everything inside with just a glance. There are a few opaque pockets, but most of the organizer is in plain sight.

The BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer is available on Amazon starting at $15.99.

Best Tray Organizer

Whether used as protection from the yuckyness of the tray table or to offer more organizational space, the Serenity Tray Organizer will be any traveler's new best friend. Slide it over the tray table and, voilá, a space for everything you need during an airborne adventure. The Serenity organizer comes in a handy little pouch to keep it germ-free before placing it on the tray and to keep any acquired germs inside after airplane use.

We love using a Serenity Organizer on planes because it means avoiding the potentially germy tray table, but also because of the constant anxiety of leaving things like phones or Airpods on the plane. These organizers take up very little room in luggage, too, so it's easy to bring them along even if you're a carry-on-only flyer like many. Buyers also applaud the Serenity Organizers for protecting their peace of mind around germs on the airplane. Not having to interact directly with the tray table is a bonus for several organizer users.

Multiple pockets make using this organizer a breeze, especially for travelers with kiddos in tow. There are spots for little trinkets or toys, a phone, snacks, or whatever else a traveler may need during a two or 20-hour flight. After all, there rarely is enough space in a crowded (economy) airplane seat.

The Serenity Tray Organizer is available on Amazon starting at $45.

Best Travel Alarm

Arguably the least fun and most practical entry on this list, frequent travelers might be glad to receive a door alarm. This compact door alarm from Sabre must be placed slightly under a hotel room door, and a loud alarm will sound if anyone tries to open it. One can never be too careful when traveling, whether to Rome, Wisconsin, or Rome, Italy; this is an easy way for a traveler to feel safer.

Users love these handy little door stops not just for their alarming nature but also because of their durability. Several users note that they've been using these alarms for years, ensuring that your gift would last the recipient a long time. 

As a doorstop, it prevents people from entering the room, but as an alarm, it also startles any would-be intruders. In addition to its portability, users say it comes in a variety of useful settings. To use, the traveler only needs one nine-volt battery. Just be sure to remind your traveling friend to remove the battery before placing it in their luggage, as the jostling of travel could set the alarm off.

The Sabre Door Alarm is available on Amazon starting at $14.99.

Best Luggage Strap

Not so much a fashion accessory as a suitcase accessory, a Cincha Travel Belt helps any bag attach easily to a suitcase. A strap to attach any bag (up to the belt's 45-inch circumference) makes bringing different luggage items easier. No more relying on one backpack for travel just because it has a luggage strap built in. This is a terrific gift for anyone who likes to add style to their luggage or folks who are carry-on-only travelers.

After making a splash on "Shark Tank," Cincha became more well-known in the travel sphere. For us, this makes carry-on-only travel much more manageable. It also makes it much easier to diversify which backpacks or purses can be brought along on trips without worrying they'll fall off the roller bag. And other users? They overwhelmingly agree, particularly noting the heavy-duty nature of the cute straps.

Cincha belts have a wide range of lengths and can be used with anything from a tote bag to an oversized backpack. Either way, your traveling buddy won't have to worry about lugging their personal item or struggling to keep the bag atop their rolling carry-on while racing through an airport for a last-minute gate change. These belts also come in various colors that complement or fashionably contrast anyone's luggage. It's not a revolutionary item by any means; it's a luggage strap. However, its versatility and design elements make it a terrific investment. 

The Cincha Travel Belt is available on Amazon starting at $39.99.

Best Travel Pillow

Neck pillows are often a pain in the neck. It's ironic, but staying in a single, comfortable position is challenging. Tackling this is how trtl Travel Pillows have revolutionized the sleeping-while-traveling game. These pillows may look silly; however, they keep you in one position to avoid the dreaded post-nap neck strain. 

Although these goofy-looking pillows became famous because of TikTok, they've quickly become the most significant trend in the travel pillow game. Especially for folks like this writer's partner who cannot comfortably sleep with traditional neck pillows, the trtl pillow will be a troubled travel sleeper's best friend. 

Since the pillow frame is like a lopsided neck brace, it may take a flight or two for a traveler to get used to it. Once they do, though, the pillow becomes an integral part of their adventures at home or abroad. The material around the shaped pillow frame is soft, easy to wash, and available in various colors. Plus, the pillow takes up far less room than a standard neck pillow, making it a delightfully convenient travel accessory. It may be worth buying your traveler both a trtl Travel Pillow and a Cincha Travel Belt to help ensure that the pillow doesn't fall off their luggage or get crushed inside a suitcase.

The trtl Travel Pillow is available on Amazon starting at $59.99.

Best Travel-Inspired Gift

For a traveler who seemingly has everything, why not offer them an aromatic reminder of their favorite places? Candles from Terminal B help transport folks across the world through powerful scents. Our sense of smell is hugely impactful in unlocking our memories, so a whiff of one of these candles could fly them right back to Paris, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, or one of 11 other destinations with their NRT candle.

Buyers rave about the scents of the candles and the lingering aromas, even when the candles burned only briefly. Users online have said that these candles pack a punch and that even though they don't burn for a long time, just a short amount of time leaves a lingering scent for ages. Plus, folks say it inspires them to travel more. That inspiration is intentional, as founders Fay and Chris Breedlove curated the candles when they couldn't travel during the pandemic, per Oprah Daily.

The candles are sorted by their airport codes. Travelers won't just remember one of their favorite places; they'll be tickled by the memory of the airport that launched that adventure. With a 60+ hour burn time, these aren't the longest-burning candles on the market, but they will stay lit long enough to get those memories flowing.

Terminal B Candles are available on Amazon starting at $44.

Best Travel Coffee Maker

If hotel coffee makers give your favorite traveler the ick, this little machine will be their new best friend. A portable espresso machine from Wacaco takes up very little luggage space while alleviating any hygiene concerns regarding the hotel coffee maker–which we all know is rarely cleaned.

With a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon from over 4600+ verified purchases, the Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine has a sizeable reputation wrapped in a petite frame. Those sales, no doubt, were bolstered by the little gadget going viral on TikTok, though several publications also say it's a terrific travel item. Popular Mechanics lists the Wacaco Minispressos as one of the best portable coffee makers on the market, showcasing their place as one of the preeminent coffee makers. 

The Wacaco Minipresso can make an espresso in a snap with a built-in cup for drinking. Since it's such a compact machine, it easily fits into a bag or even the water bottle pocket of a backpack if your traveler feels particularly bold, ensuring your favorite traveler will be well-caffeinated in even the remotest of places. Compatible minipresso capsules allow for the use of these machines with minimal cleanup, though reusable capsules will be kinder for the environment. Either way, your traveler won't have to rely on whether or not their hotel, hostel, or campsite has caffeinating facilities.

The Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine is available on Amazon starting at $54.90.

Best Portable Charger

This high-tech luggage tag will help your recipient identify their bag and keep their phone charged simultaneously. CALPAK's portable luggage tag charger also takes up much less room than portable chargers of the same caliber. What's incredibly charming about this portable charger is that it can be removed from the luggage tag sleeve if your recipient so desires, although the two-in-one simplicity of the tag/charger combo is hard to beat.

With a nearly perfect score on CALPAK's website, users love this adorable little charger. They note that it is stylish with terrific charging capabilities to boot, and that its easy attachment to a bag makes it even easier to use when they are on the go. 

Since the battery is small, it's also allowed as part of a carry-on bag. A phone charging on the tag battery can be set easily on top of a suitcase, meaning your traveler doesn't have to spend their layover scrambling for an available outlet, or worrying that any outlet they find isn't going to work in the first place. It only comes in one color, though the black vegan tag exterior complements all kinds of luggage designs.

The CALPAK Luggage Tag Portable Charger can be purchased at CALPAK starting at $32.