This Kids' Toy Is The Perfect Road Trip Essential

Going on a road trip with kids is a whole different ball game than when you're on an outing with adults or on your own. You'll need to plan more carefully around their needs and come up with clever solutions to some children-specific problems, such as organizing their snacks and keeping the car mess-free.

In addition, kids need a lot of distraction and entertainment while on the road. Unless you enjoy hearing the constant refrain of, "Are we there yet?", you'll want to keep them occupied throughout the journey. Another frequent issue your kids might have is the lost thing that they just can't reach. Whether the thing in question is a toy, a crayon, a food wrapper, or some other item, you'll be dealing with a headache for miles if you don't find or get the thing they want you to retrieve for them. You can hit two birds with one stone by bringing along a toy claw on the car ride.

Bring a toy claw for fun and more

If you don't already have one, invest in a toy claw — ideally, one for each child to avoid any arguments or fights about who's going to use it next. Once they have this toy, you don't have to worry about breaking your back or arm or contorting your body one way or another just to reach that thing that they dropped on the car floor for the nth time. With their toy claws, your kids can just pick up whatever it is that they dropped on the floor, so it also empowers them, because they don't have to ask for your help.

In short, toy claws can relieve any effort or pain for you and provide more fun for them. Kids can pretend it's an extendable robot arm or something. Knowing young children, they'll find something more fun to do with their toy claws than you can think of.

But the toy claw isn't just a fun toy — it can also be a practical tool for you, too. Aside from grabbing toys that fell to the floor, you can also use the toy claw to hand out snacks from the front seat. Plus, you can use your handy reacher-grabber to pick up some gross trash. So, add one more toy claw to that list for yourself and enjoy a more peaceful drive and a smooth road trip.