VIDEO: Chris Sharma And Life In Catalonia

Chris Sharma is one of the biggest names in climbing and plenty of great films have helped cover his contributions to the sport.

While the Prana short above may lack a story line or the flawless editing of some other climbing films, it does a few things right. The video captures the day-to-day simplicity of Sharma's life in Spain, shows the beauty of the region beyond the crags and helps you understand Sharma's cadence and philosophies through longer sound bytes.

"I've never been super disciplined or forced myself to go climbing," Sharma said about his inspiration. "Follow your motivation, you know? So when it comes it's natural and genuine and you're genuinely psyched."

The climber also talks about what it's like to have a home base in such a unique, connected area and how to succeed in sport climbing. The shots of Sharma on the limestone walls are interspersed with other aspects of his routine, such as setting up his house and his pool and exploring a river near his home by kayak.

To learn more about Sharma, check out the Prana Ambassadors page.

Via dpmClimbing.