About Us

We believe travellers to the Pacific Islands deserve an amazing online booking experience, one that kick starts their Pacific Paradise adventure. We also believe that connecting travellers with accommodation providers shouldn’t cost them the world, and here at Explore.com believe that we can offer this to both the traveller and accommodator, and endeavour to prove it right here from our office in the Pacific Islands.

Explore.com is based in the Cook Islands, and aims to feature all forms of accommodation in the Pacific, from Hotels to BnBs. We are a small and dedicated team, developing and marketing Explore.com, while maintaining a presence in our neighbouring Pacific Islands through our ambassadors on the ground. We saw the potential for greater profitability in the Pacific, if a dedicated OTA was developed whose focus is the Pacific.

Explore.com works in synergy with our parent company, Jasons Travel Media. Jasons has been around for the last 50 years, a marketing company that specializes in South Pacific Visitor Maps, Guide Books and Online Digital Marketing, which also assists in the marketing of Explore.com to travellers.

Meet The Team

Brett Baudinet
Managing Director

Maya Carroll
General Manager

Geoff Tama
Sales & Marketing Manager



Austin Brown
Full Stack Mobile & Web Engineer

Pacific Ambassadors

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Email: geoff@explore.com

Phone: +682 26028